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Your one stop shop to find the latest news, downloads and related plugins for Titan Panel. Please be patient as content will be added as time allows.

We Could Use Your Help

The Titan Development Team is looking for some additional members to help us keep the addon updated. We need people for each of the following functions:

  • Lua/XML Coders: HonorGoG is currently flying solo with this and he can use some help. We'd prefer someone with experience coding Titan Panel plugins but this is not a prerequisite.
  • Testers: A fast Internet connection and some free time are all you need to help test our releases both on the live and PTR servers.
  • Translators: We currently have localizations for French, German and Spanish. We have old localization for Brazilian, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Russian and Taiwanese so if you can help with these languages, please let us know.

If you're interested in helping or you have any questions, please send an e-mail to HonorGoG and he'll get in touch with you.

Recent News

2019-06-23 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2019-04-24 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2019-03-06 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2019-01-21 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2019-01-12 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2019-01-04 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

Known Issues as of 2019-06-23

Right-Click Menu Missing - This issue is being caused by a separate addon utilizing the LibUIDropDownMenu that has not been updated. If WoW loads this old version of the library before the updated library embedded within Titan Panel, the right-click menu will not display properly. The library was updated as Blizzard changed the way they suppress errors during the PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event which can happen if you /reload to correct a UI problem or just simply changed to another character on your account. The changes to the library require changes to the addon utilizing the library. Since so many addons are no longer supported, having these changes made may be difficult unless the author is still active. A great big thank you to everyone who disabled their addons one at a time to find which were causing the problems. These are the addons that have caused the problem recently: FishingBuddy, Altoholic, O Item Level, GarrisonManager, Hekill, HeroRotation & Accountant Classic. More will be added as they are found.