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2017-05-31 Attention PlugIn Developers!

After waiting years for Blizzard to address problems with their UI and specifically the UIDropDownMenu functions which can throw a taint error when entering or leaving a dungeon or BattleGrounds event, the Titan Panel Development Team decided in December 2016 to implement the NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library. Recently, this has caused problems due to versioning conflicts with other addons. This manifests as errors being thrown that look like they are attributed to Titan Panel. To prevent this, we have decided to migrate from the NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library over to the LibUIDropDownMenu. This is a new fork of NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu which is being maintained by Arith, the author of Atlas. This should prevent problems moving forward which is a good thing. The bad bit of news is that any plugin authors will be affected by this change. If you're seeing an error within a particular plugin that is not part of the core built-in plugin package of Titan Panel, please refer the plugin author to this site as they will need to make minor modifications within their plugin for them to operate properly. Some work without modification but some will need some minor modifications. All constants related to UIDROPDOWNMENU need to be changed from "LIB_" to "L_" prepended to each constant. All functions related to UIDropDownMenu need to be changed from "Lib_" to "L_" prepended to each function call. This should be a very simple modification for all plugin authors to make to resolve any missing items when your button is right-clicked. Here is a readme document that contains more specific details.

We Could Use Your Help

The Titan Development Team is looking for some additional members to help us keep the addon updated. We need people for each of the following functions:

  • Lua/XML Coders: HonorGoG is currently flying solo with this and he can use some help. We'd prefer someone with experience coding Titan Panel plugins but this is not a prerequisite.
  • Testers: A fast Internet connection and some free time are all you need to help test our releases both on the live and PTR servers.
  • Translators: We currently have localizations for French, German and Spanish. We have old localization for Brazilian, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Russian and Taiwanese so if you can help with these languages, please let us know.

If you're interested in helping or you have any questions, please send an e-mail to HonorGoG and he'll get in touch with you.

Recent News

2018-08-16 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2018-08-09 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2018-08-02 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2018-07-28 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2018-07-22 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2018-03-07 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2018-02-12 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

2017-10-22 : Version of Titan Panel was released.

Known Issues as of 2018-08-16

Bouncing Bottom Bars - This is our #1 priority for resolution.

Ace3 Library Conflicts - Certain addons that also use Ace3 libraries are causing conflicts. At this point, this includes Shadow Unit Frames, NPCScan and WeakAuras2. We are researching a solution.

World Map Problems - We are working on getting the coordinates working as well as the location information on top of the minimap. There were many changes to the WoW Map API. In fact, it was completely rewritten and we're still working out the details of these dramatic changes.