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Change History

Changes within (2023-03-29)

  • TOC update.

Changes within (2023-03-20)

  • TOC update only for 10.00.07.

Changes within (2023-01-31)

  • Update TOC.
  • Minor fix on load.

Changes within (2023-01-15)

  • TitanRepair :
    • Can now sell ALL gray items - use CAUTION.
    • Option to auto sell; also sell on Left click of the plugin (with a lot of grays I have seen all not sell at times).
    • Option to show total gold of grays in your bag next to repair cost.
  • Plugins :
    • Plugins covering one another. Fixed at least one scenario this can occur.
    • Plugins with more than one label (Loot, Performance, etc). Can now set custom labels 2 - 4, if plugins uses.
  • Scaling fix error when changing scaling.
  • Config : Added section with slash command help.

Changes within (2022-12-13)

  • TitanBag : Moved 'open bags (left click) to an option (default off) until container taint is resolved.
  • TitanGold : Fan fix (thanks to GrimNotepad!) where total gold was getting reset in certain scenarios.
  • TitanVolume : Fix so sliders work with mouse wheel again.
  • TitanRepair : Removed unused tool tip code using old API. May help reduce 'protected function' errors.
  • TitanPanel : Fix for some LDB addon text that may not update properly.

Changes within (2022-12-01)

  • Titan Repair : Quick fix for pop up at merchant.

Changes within (2022-12-01)

  • Titan Panel : Added Notes and change log to Config > About; Added notes to Config. Plugins > each plugin.
  • Titan Repair : Rewritten to reduce lag on leaving combat.
    • On 'Hide' no processing of events is done, hopefully reducing 'protected' errors for those not using Repair.
    • Left - Click to force a scan added - just in case.
    • Gated to once per sec except at merchant.
    • Removed 'most damaged' item to save a few cycles.
    • Faster scans; Uses less events.

Changes within (2022-11-11)

  • Revert a change that forced LDB text to always show. The Show Plugin Text should be back and working.
  • Fix a bug that causing an error if Clock is hidden but XP is shown.

Changes within (2022-11-10)

  • New : Added current and loot spec to LootType; option to show / hide spec.
  • New : Titan Clock and Volume and Gold can now be left / center.
  • Fix : Titan Location coordinates updated to move with scaling; added back option to hide from world map.
  • A TON of cleanup after DragonFlight changes.

Changes within (2022-10-26)

  • Fix to remove conflict with Bartender and other action bar addons.

Changes within (2022-10-25)

  • This version is intended for DragonFlight as it starts rolling out on 2022/Oct/25. If it does not work - please revert to the newest 5.* version.
  • Note: Due to the UI changes in DragonFlight, Titan Panel no longer auto adjusts the UI elements / frames. Please use the WoW UI edit mode to adjust frames away from Titan Panel bar(s).
    Currently the menu & bag frame and the status / xp frame are NOT adjustable. In the Titan Configuration for Bottom Bars you may adjust the menu & bag frame and the status / xp frame vertically only..
  • Changes to resolve differences between DragonFlight Beta and PTR.

Changes within (2022-08-28)

  • Gold fix, hopefully for real this time, for non-English languages.
  • Gold tweaked menu to 'group' related options; changes player or server gold on button to check boxes.
  • Further tweak to bottom bar to be more specific.

Changes within (2022-08-23)

  • Updated TOC for 9.2.7
  • Fix for someone using Bartender and only bottom bar (Turn off bottom bar adjust).
  • Gold fix for non-English language.
  • Gold - tweaked menu a bit to make it, hopefully, more readable / usable.
  • New feature with caveats! Allow tooltips to show only when using a control key;
    Use Config > Tooltips and Frames > Use Tooltip Modifier;
    Currently works only if control key is pressed BEFORE mouse is over Titan plugin;
    Control key control / alt / shift - treated as OR (can select all 3 and any will work).

Changes within (2022-08-11)

  • New : Feature to 'override' plugin label; Uses Show Label to toggle. To use : Configuration > Plugins > Custom Label [ Show toggle & text]
  • Gold : Fixed text not going red if negative for session.
  • Gold : New Group By Realm for better readability [#1330] : From right click on Gold, Sort By > Group By Realm.
  • Config : In Plugins change to remove color code so plugin names sort properly.

Changes within (2022-05-31)

  • Update TOC for 9.2.5.
  • Fix for Gold when server name has spaces; Tweaked tool tip for readability.

Changes within (2022-05-19)

  • Update Location to fix 'timing' issue on some systems.
  • Update Gold to :
  • 1) Fix Merger Server code including too many characters. This is characters on Connected Realms which can group / guild / etc together.
  • 2) Add a 3rd option for All Servers. New option across all characters and same faction.

Changes within (2022-05-19)

  • Ticket #1325 - Removed Titan Panel tooltip transparency option; Titan will follow the game setting. It was updating the global tooltip and, to my eyes, changing the value did not change the tooltip much.
  • TitanLocation - added an option to hide the coordinates from the button text. Should help if another coordinates addon is used.
  • TitanBag - Updated comments only.

Changes within (2022-03-26)

  • Update TOC for WoW version.

Changes within (2022-02-21)

  • Update TOC for 9.2 release.
  • Further backdrop fixes to Built-in plugins.
  • Gold : Add merger servers option.
  • Drop the Ace UIDropDownMenu from Titan. Now using the default WoW routines.

Changes within (2021-12-28)

  • Allow built-in plugins to be R or L side. AutoHIde and Volumne are still R side only.
  • Further backdrop fixes.
  • Configuration > Plugins Add menu text.
  • Add Titan API wrappers to the drop down menu set of routines (Ace UIDropDownMenu). This allows Titan to change drop down implementation without impacting third party Titan plugins

Changes within (2021-10-31)

  • Changes for 9.5.1 where Blizzard removed the backdrop from the Gametooltip frame.
  • Configuration > Plugins change to color plugins that shown on any Bar.

Changes within (2021-07-27)

  • Removed errant debug command.

Changes within (2021-07-26)

  • TitanBagTitanClock: Clock change to allow both Server and Local to be displayed.
  • Fix for #1306 where bottom bar disappears when using bottom bars and enter & leave vehicle and pet battles. Ticket #1306.
  • Fix for zone ability (extra button) going over main menu bar.
  • Fix to actually hide Titan top bars if in class hall.
  • Further changes for #1306 to cover more scenarios. Ticket #1306.
  • Updated toc to for WoW 9.1.0 release.

Changes within (2021-06-18)

  • Work around for conflicts between bottom bar and WoW override menu bar (when special actions are given, usually when transformed or riding special mount or special 'vehicle').

Changes within (2021-03-25)

  • Updated toc to for WoW 9.0.5 release.
  • Prevent an error causing Titan to not successfully initialize. This only prevents the error, it may help uncover the real issue. Ticket #1300 & #1301.

Changes within (2021-01-15)

  • Corrected 'Silenced' check preventing proper initialization of TitanXP. Ticket #1297.

Changes within (2020-12-04)

  • Updated libs: LibQTip-1.0, AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets and LibSharedMedia-3.0.
  • Added a lib notes file.

Changes within (2020-11-29)

  • Updated TOC to for WoW 9.0.2 release.
  • Updated to LibUIDropDownMenu-4.0 library.
  • Added esMX localization.

Changes within (2020-11-05)

  • Adjust where the Buff frame starts and make it work when the user removes top bars or adds a 'new' top bar.
  • Attempted fix for 'bouncing' extra action button.

Changes within (2020-10-27)

  • TitanBag: An empty bag slot now counts correctly rather than generating an 'error'. Ticket #1282.
  • Adjust default for buff icon list Ticket #1285.
  • TitanConfig: Added ability to adjust the Buff icon list offset, vertical only.
  • TitanConfig: Added flags to output or not, on startup, Titan version and registration process info. The same as '/titan silent' functionality.
  • Updated both AllBlack and BlackPlusOne bottom skins to remove visible lines at the extreme bottom of the skin.

Changes within (2020-08-29)

  • Updated TOC for WoW 9.0.
  • Ace3 libraries updated for new WoW 9.0 pre-release patch.
  • Removed various global variables making them local as they should be. Thanks to Resike for the list.
  • Update to add back background frame to sliders. Thanks to gulfar for the code.
  • TitanLocation: Improve cursor location values per code given by Dahk Celes (DDCorkum). Ticket #1277.

Changes within (2020-05-18)

  • TitanXP: Correction for XP gains within Korean localization.

Changes within (2020-02-06)

  • TitanMovable: Change to allow player and target frames to be moved by user. A huge thank you to Dahk Celes for tracking this one down. Ticket #1246.

Changes within (2020-01-17)

  • Updated toc interface values for 8.3 patch.

Changes within (2019-11-07)

  • TitanRepair: Added a space to better format the price for repairs.
  • Made additional changes for the "Titan Development Team" to "Titan Panel Development Team" change.

Changes within (2019-10-25)

  • Updated Interface version to 80205 for 8.2.5 WoW release.
  • TitanRepair: Modified text for cost output.

Changes within (2019-08-09)

  • TitanLocation: Corrected local call to proper layer.

Changes within (2019-08-02)

  • TitanLocation: Cleanup of leaky globals. Thanks to Resike for finding these.
  • LDBtoTitan: Cleanup of leaky globals. Thanks to Resike for finding these.

Changes within (2019-07-23)

  • Updated libraries.

Changes within (2019-07-16)

  • TitanLocation: Removed the UpdateWorldmap logic as it causes some users an issue. Ticket #1245.

Changes within (2019-07-08)

  • Fixed TitanMovable to not remove the frame from the Blizzard managed table and not set isMovable on frames movable by Titan. Ticket #1241.

Changes within (2019-06-28)

  • TitanLootType: Fixed error in logic for UIDropDownMenu routine.
  • Updated Author entry in TOCs to reflect name change from "Titan Development Team" to "Titan Panel Development Team".
  • TitanLocation: Fixed modified TitanPanelLocationButton_OnShow() as Blizzard fixed their bugged WorldMapFrame. Thank you Dahk Celes for finding this. Ticket #1240.
  • Updated Interface version to 80200 for 8.2 WoW release.
  • Updated TitanConfig to properly toggle ticket adjust variable. Ticket #1238.

Changes within (2019-06-23)

  • Check for ElvUI or Bartender4; if present the 'back off' adjusting frames they could control. Fixes an issue found in Curse comments where the zone ability would go to the 'middle of the screen'.
  • Removal of old !LibUIDropDownMenu.toc file from /lib root.
  • TitanLootType: Fixed error in UIDropDownMenu logic. Thank you to DahkCeles for finding this. Ticket #1237.
  • Update all Author entries within TOCs to reflect "Titan Panel Development Team" rather than "Titan Development Team" as there are other Titans in the world including a pickup truck.

Changes within (2019-04-24)

  • Change to move extra action button above Blizzard menu bar (added code derived from UIParent). Ticket #1219.

Changes within (2019-03-06)

  • Updated Ace library.
  • Removed unnecessary artwork from skins folder.
  • Within TitanMovable Changed PlayerFrame1 offset to prevent obscurement of petframe.
  • Added AllBack Skin to TitanVariables.
  • Added AllBlack skin for those that like the BlackPlusOne but don't like the single missing pixel.

Changes within (2019-01-21)

  • TitanLocation: Reverted logic to call TitanPanelLocationButton_LocOnMiniMap on PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event.
  • TitanLocation: Yet another attempt to get data to appear within the MinimapBorderTop frame properly.

Changes within (2019-01-12)

  • TitanPanel: Remove the bottom two 'spaces' on the right-click menu since they were always blank.
  • TitanUtils: Used updated LibUIDropDownMenu; create the right-click menu frame in Lua as needed.
  • TitanUtils: Do not allow the tooltip to show if right-click menu is shown.
  • TitanUtils: Made slider in TitanPeformance right-click menu work with updated lib; added a utility routine (TitanUtils_Round).
  • TitanUtils: Fixed a typo.
  • TitanUtils: Fixed display logic for TitanDebug routine.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed logic for frame display of LocOnMiniMap.
  • TitanLocation: Removal of TitanDebug calls and extraneous test data for release version.

Changes within (2019-01-04)

  • Updated LibUIDropDownMenu to remove the annoying XML errors after a /reload or changing characters.
  • TitanPanelTemplate: Modifications due to library update.
  • TitanUtils: Modifications due to library update; modification of right-click menu to remove extra two blank spaces at the bottom; fixed logic error for TitanDebug routine.
  • TitanPanel: Modification of right-click menu to remove extra two blank spaces at the bottom.
  • TitanPerformance: Modification to slider to make it compatible with new library and added a Round() function.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed logic for frame display of LocOnMiniMap.

Changes within (2018-12-23)

  • Added the ability to shift the position of the MainMenuBar within the options. Ticket #1217.
  • TitanMovable: Fixed 'relativeTo' error. Ticket #1216
  • Added logic to omitted added text to '/titan silent' command so they are omitted when this is active. Ticket #1206.

Changes within (2018-12-13)

  • Updated LibStub version.

Changes within (2018-12-07)

  • TitanMovable: Finalized DoAdjust function that decides if frames should be adjusted. In effect, if you only have top Titan Bars, none of the bottom frame adjustment checks are executed. The same goes for the top frames if you only have bottom Titan Bars.
  • TitanMovable: Additional check for UnitInVehicle() check to prevent bar tainting upon exit.
  • TitanPanel: Modifications to deal with additional functionality within TitanMovable.

Changes within (2018-11-29)

  • TitanMovable: dded DoAdjust function to modify frame adjustments based on bar position.
  • TitanMovable: Modified the way MainMenuBar:IsUserPlace(true) is called to prevent tainting of the bottom action bars. Additional functions were created entited TitanMovable_MenuBar_Disable and TitanMovable_MenuBar_Enable. This fix means if you are in combat and your vehicle is destroyed, the bottom action bars will appear on top of any bottom Titan Panel bars but they are functional. Once combat is exited, the action bars will adjust up. There is no way to force this as it would cause a taint and Blizzard has locked down repositioning during combat.
  • TitanPanel: Removed UNIT_EXITED_VEHICLE registed event. Also added an InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenCategory call to address a Blizzard bug. Configuration in the Titan menu now goes to the top Titan menu in the Blizz options screen - IF Titan is in the 1st screen (no scrolling needed)

Changes within (2018-10-17)

  • TitanLocation: Updated Location to remove error on change of show / hide location on minimap.
  • TitanConfig: Modified Config to reloadui on selecting do not adjust screen.
  • TitanPanel: Modifications to support Config change.
  • TitanMovable: Modifications to support Config change.

Changes within (2018-10-05)

  • Emergency release as most of the Titan folder was accidentally deleted during a repository error.

Changes within (2018-10-04)

  • TitanLocation: Removed call to TitanMovableFrame_CheckFrames which was causing an error.
  • TitanMovable: Changed the MoveAnything check to cover all frames Titan adjusts.
  • TitanMovable: Removed commented out code.
  • TitanMovable: Updated Movable to better handle Titan flags to turn off top or bottom adjust.

Changes within (2018-09-29)

  • TitanMovable: Repaired the "relativeTo" error which was caused by the MoveAnything addon. That's to Kanegasi for the clue to this one.
  • TitanMovable: Repaired the TitanBars disappearing problem.
  • TitanMovable: Reparied the Right-side Action Bars appearing over the mini-map. This was caused by people with the the UIscale set to .85 or greater.
  • TitanMovable: Repaired PartyFrame position around RaidFrame.
  • TitanMovable: Fixed the target frame adjust
  • LDBToTItan: Tightened code so 'bad' LDB addons should not crash Titan Panel.
  • TitanMovable: Changed adjust of Party_Frame.
  • TitanUtils: New routine for debug only.
  • Added three localization strings for LDB to Titan errors.

Changes within (2018-09-27)

  • TitanMovable: Major rework of the frame repositioning system.
  • TitanVariable: Modifications for the TitanMovable changes.

Changes within (2018-09-06)

  • TitanLocation: Fixed MiniMap location data from reappearing when zoning after function is turned off.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed player location from appearing on WorldMap after function is turned off.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed scaling on large and small WorldMap coordinates.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed location of coordinates on small (quest) WorldMap.
  • TitanMovable: Added routine to prevent bottom bar bounce.

Changes within (2018-08-30)

  • Removed forced FrameStrata to LOW.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed missing location text and WorldMap icon over MiniMap.
  • TitanLocation: Added player and cursor coordinates to WorldMap in minimized (Quest) mode.

Changes within (2018-08-23)

  • TitanMovable: Fixed delayed removal of TitanPanel frame in WorldMapFrame:IsMaximized() state.
  • TitanVariable: Changed base strata of Titan Panel to "LOW" to allow for proper appearance behind WorldMapFrame. Fixed WorldMapFrame controls being covered by the top bar. Titan Panel now goes behind the WorldMap until closed.
  • TitanLocation: Added player and cursor coordinates to fullscreen map.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed logic error looking for CT_Library rather than CT_MapMod which was preventing coordinates from appearing.
  • Forced TitanPanelStrata level to "LOW".

Changes within (2018-08-16)

  • Update of !LibUIDropDownMenu to get rid of that weird Lua error that was extremely intermittent.
  • Applied a scaling to the WorldMapFrame so the controls are visible again. Provided by DDCorkum. We're still searching for a programmatic fix for this but the edit should help for the time being.

Changes within (2018-08-09)

  • TitanLocation: Fixed the MapCanvas error that TitanLocation was causing. A stupid error on my part as I was trying to get too many things completed for the previous patch and missed an obvious modification. Kudos to lazy-forger for helping with this.
  • TitanPerformance: Fixed the line 111 "attempt to compare number with nil" error. This was being caused by multiple instances of the Ace3 library from other addons. Only addons that added Ace3 libraries would cause the error and I wrote a kludge to resolve it rather than debugging the library.

Changes within (2018-08-02)

  • TitanLocation: Repaired nil values returning when in instances, battlegrounds, order halls, etc. Thanks to lazy-forger for finding a solution to this problem.
  • TitanLocation: Discovered that the logic for displaying the WorldMapFrame flipped so I'm closing in on the missing map coordinate issue but it's still not resolved. Also not resolved but progress is being made on the top bar covering the WorldMapFrame functions in the top right corner of the screen.

Changes within (2018-07-28)

  • Added Russia (RU) localization update.
  • Removed deprecated function that prevented a profile from being saved. Thanks to *Takkero84* for finding this error.
  • TitanLocation: Changed WorldMapFrame calls to prevent errors. The top bar still appears but at least the map can be viewed without constant errors being generated. Thanks to *ndb416* for finding some of the changed map calls.

Changes within (2018-07-22)

  • Update TOC for WoW 8.0.
  • Updated many routines which prevented Titan Panel from starting. Thank you to many people who found snippets of code to repair areas of affected code. This greatly accelerated the completion of the update.

Changes within (2018-03-07)

  • Cleaned up local calls within TitanConfig.

Changes within (2018-02-12)

  • Began the quest to remove all errant globals from the environment and modifying function calls to prevent taints.

Changes within (2017-10-22)

  • TitanGold: Wrapped charserver with a nil check to hopefully prevent a rare error condition.

Changes within (2017-09-23)

  • Updated LibUIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2017-09-13)

  • TitanGold: Fixed merged server problem thanks to the input of Ammako over on Curse.

Changes within (2017-08-30)

  • TitanLocation: Fixed problem with map not being displayed properly due to Blizzard changing frame names without telling anyone. Thanks Blizzard!
  • Updated Ace3 and LibUIDropDownMenu libraries and Titan Panel license file.

Changes within (2017-08-29)

  • WoW 7.3 Patch TOC update.

Changes within (2017-08-15)

  • LibUIDropDownMenu library update.

Changes within (2017-05-31)

  • Removed the !NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library from the package and replaced it with a !LibUIDropDownMenu which is being maintained by Arith, the maintainer of Atlas. This should prevent the library versioning errors we were seeing that were throwing all of the errors in unrelated addons. It is safe to remove the !NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu folder from your Titan/libs folder.

Changes within (2017-05-24)

  • Updated !NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2017-05-17)

  • Oops. Added a really nasty bug when adding the most recent Updated NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu update. It has been squashed throughly.

Changes within (2017-05-15)

  • Updated NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2017-05-02)

  • Updated NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2017-04-24)

  • Updated NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library routines for WoW 7.2 patch.

Changes within (2017-04-18)

  • TitanBag: New threshold colors for bag contents. Normally white but then changing as follows: At 50% they turn yellow. At 75% they turn orange. At 90% they turn red.

Changes within (2017-04-10)

  • Updated Ace3 library routines for WoW 7.2 patch.

Changes within (2017-04-03)

  • TitanVolume: Repaired OutboundChatVolume error. (Issue #1042)

Changes within (2017-03-28)

  • WoW 7.2 Patch TOC update.

Changes within (2017-03-23)

  • TitanRepair: Minor clean up.

Changes within (2017-01-16)

  • Updated NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2017-01-09)

  • Added check to make sure frame:GetBottom() is defined within TitanMovable.

Changes within (2017-01-02)

  • Updated NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2016-12-25)

  • Documentation clean-up.

Changes within (2016-12-11)

  • A big thank you to Resike for help with the following items:
  • Fixed missing loads for NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu.
  • Fixed missing Lib calls within TitanVolume.
  • Fixed missing Lib calls within UIDropDownMenuTemplate project wide.

Changes within (2016-12-10)

  • Implementation of NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2016-12-02)

  • Prepatory changes for NoTaint_UIDropDownMenu library.

Changes within (2016-11-26)

  • Curse has gone insane again. They made a major site modification right before a long national holiday. Files are being modified before being approved. I uploaded 5.9.5 on Friday and it was posted on Wednesday. Also, the file size went from 677K down to 650K. People are confused. I'm confused. Curse is confused based on what I've seen in the CurseForge forums so this is a rerelease of 5.9.5 and I hope it's not truncated.

Changes within (2016-11-18)

  • Fix the logic within orderhall slash command. The text displayed was inverted from the actual function.

Changes within (2016-11-10)

  • Clean up of TitanPanelButton_SetButtonText() within TitanPanelTemplate. These were submitted by rowaasr13 on Curse. Thanks rowaasr13!

Changes within (2016-11-03)

  • Updated LibSharedMedia library.

Changes within (2016-10-27)

  • TitanGold: Blizzard did it again and made an unpublished modification to their API. This time it was GetAutoCompleteRealms() which broke the merged server functionality of TitanGold. Yea!

Changes within (2016-10-26)

  • TOC update for the WoW 7.1 patch.

Changes within (2016-10-20)

  • You can now enable the OrderHallCommandBar if you wish. All you need to do is to type "/titan orderhall" without the quotes and it will show the OrderHallCommandBar. Please note, it will require a /reload for it to appear. The default behavior is to hide the OrderHallCommandBar so if you don't want to see it, you don't need to do anything. One more item, I have not been able to figure out how to move the OrderHallCommandBar frame as it doesn't exist until you enter the Order Hall. As such, I've been unable to embed a shift for the top bars when it appears. If someone has worked this out, please let me know because I've looked in other packages and they consistently just disable the OrderHallCommandBar to avoid this issue. I'd like it to be a bit more elegant but the solution evades me.

Changes within (2016-10-13)

  • Cleanup and modifications to prepare for implementation of OrderHallClassBar toggle.

Changes within (2016-10-06)

  • Errant nil escaped debugging transfer from test/live system to development system.

Changes within (2016-10-06)

  • Modifications to begin implementation of OrderHallClassBar toggle.

Changes within (2016-09-29)

  • TitanVariables: Fixed a logic problem with TitanGetVar which would return a nil if a value was false.
  • TitanGold: Added merged server gold total and display capability.

Changes within (2016-09-14)

  • TitanGold: Fixed a problem where a character selected as not shown in the gold total would reappear if that character was loaded. Thanks to DeathsAngel for the heads up on this one. (Issue #1028)

Changes within (2016-09-07)

  • Library updates.

Changes within (2016-09-01)

  • Fix for OrderHallCommandBar hiding. The original version sort of worked but the character and target portrait along with buff icons would shift up into the top Titan Panel bar. This should be resolved now.

Changes within (2016-08-24)

  • Updates for ES and DE localizations for OrderHallCommandBar hiding.

Changes within (2016-08-17)

  • Added localization strings for OrderHallCommandBar hiding.

Changes within (2016-08-10)

  • Added routine to initialization to remove OrderHallCommandBar conflict. Basically, we just disabled the OrderHallCommandBar from appearing.

Changes within (2016-08-03)

  • TitanLocation: Centered coordinates on world map as they were shifted to the left.

Changes within (2016-07-27)

  • Updated LibSharedMedia library.

Changes within (2016-07-20)

  • Update TOC for WoW 7.0.
  • Updated Ace3, LibSharedMedia and LibQTip libraries.

Changes within (2016-06-30)

  • Reverted slash command enhancement.

Changes within (2016-06-20)

  • Minor clean up and slash command enhancement.

Changes within (2016-04-27)

  • TitanXP: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-04-20)

  • TitanUtils: Made a modification to allow players to use the character name of Unknown. Titan Panel refused to load if the character name was Unknown as this is the value for the UNKNOWNOBJECT global variable which is checked to see if the player had a name and realm assigned for loading purposes.

Changes within (2016-04-12)

  • TitanRepair: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-04-05)

  • TitanPerformance: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-03-24)

  • TitanGold: Cleaned up internal content.
  • TitanLocation: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-03-08)

  • TitanClock: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-03-01)

  • TitanVariables: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-02-20)

  • TitanXP: Added silent logic to remove the /played data on load.

Changes within (2016-02-12)

  • TitanMovable: Cleaned up internal content.
  • TitanPanel: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-02-05)

  • TitanConfig: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-01-29)

  • LDBToTitan: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2016-01-22)

  • TitanLootType: Completed updates for new raid and dungeon types.

Changes within (2016-01-15)

  • TitanLootType: Still trying to get the recent changes since Pandaria and WoD incorporated into this plugin. The process has not been simple as there is a lack of good global data available on-line and I'm having to mine the data myself with /dump commands and manual diffs on old files. There will be more updates to this plugin on a regular basis until it is complete.

Changes within (2016-01-07)

  • Added Brazil (BR) localization update.

Changes within (2015-11-19)

  • Updated LibQTip library.

Changes within (2015-11-12)

  • After five years, the included README files have finally been updated. I think it's safe to say that we don't need to reference WoW 4.0 at this point.

Changes within (2015-11-05)

  • TitanLootType: Still trying to get the recent changes since Pandaria and WoD incorporated into this plugin. The process has not been simple as there is a lack of good global data available on-line and I'm having to mine the data myself with /dump commands and manual diffs on old files. There will be more updates to this plugin on a regular basis until it is complete.

Changes within (2015-10-28)

  • TitanLootType: Updates for WoD that were missed.

Changes within (2015-10-20)

  • Added Deutsch (DE) localization update.

Changes within (2015-10-05)

  • Fixed error in Spanish (ES) localization update.

Changes within (2015-10-05)

  • Added Spanish (ES) localization update.

Changes within (2015-09-25)

  • Added Korean (KR) localization update.

Changes within (2015-09-17)

  • Added "Merge Servers" and "Separate Servers" to all localizations in preparation for realm merges in TitanGold.

Changes within (2015-08-05)

  • TitanGold: Cleaned up internal content in preparation for realm merge totaling.

Changes within (2015-07-27)

  • Updated AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets library.

Changes within (2015-06-28)

  • Updated to WoW 6.2 versions of Ace3 and LibSharedMedia libraries.

Changes within (2015-06-23)

  • Updated TOCs to 60200 for WoW 6.2 release.

Changes within (2015-06-04)

  • TitanGold: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2015-05-26)

  • A complete update for the deDE localization thanks to Netspark.

Changes within (2015-05-19)

  • TitanPerformance: Cleaned up internal content.
  • TitanBag: Cleaned up internal content and removed references to Ammo and Shard bags.

Changes within (2015-05-08)

  • Added some of the old deDE localization data into the new file. Deprecated data was removed. Hopefully we'll get a complete update soon.
  • Other minor clean-up modifications.

Changes within (2015-05-01)

  • Corrected embed load for LibQTip library.
  • Updated license.txt file.
  • Cleaned up TitanConfig.lua.
  • Modified layout of Titan.toc file to bring it up to more modern standards.
  • Minor cleanup of TitanPanel.lua.
  • Fixed an error in the description sentence within the English, German and Brazilian localization data.

Changes within (2015-04-22)

  • Modified way TitanAll was referenced for new "Silent" functionality to delay the look-up until after variable loading. (Issue #1022)
  • Added local call for TITAN_PANEL to ruRU (Russian) localization to prevent nil error during load.
  • Updated esES (Spanish) and frFR (French) localizations for new 5.6.0 functionality.

Changes within (2015-04-21)

  • New slash command "/titan silent" will toggle the Silent Load option for Titan Panel, removing the clutter from PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event in chat frame if it is desired. (Issue #863)
  • TitanBag: Added displays for all profession bags. If "Ignore Profession Bags" is selected, this actually happens now. If colored text is selected, each profession has a color associated with it on the bar. (Issue #895)
  • Many updated to all localization files to deal with the TitanBag changes listed above.
  • Replaced TITAN_COORDS entries within all localizations to TITAN_LOCATION.
  • Removed TITAN_MONEY_FORMAT from all localizations as it is no longer used.

Changes within (2015-03-11)

  • TitanLocation: Fixed left-click on button not opening the default map size. It was forcing the fullsize map which was the old style. If people complain about this, I will add an option to toggle the left-click behavior. (Issue #1020)

Changes within (2015-03-04)

  • Updated to WoW 6.1 versions of Ace3, LibSharedMedia and LibQTip libraries.

Changes within (2015-02-24)

  • Updated TOCs to 60100 for WoW 6.1 release.

Changes within (2015-02-19)

  • TitanGold: Reduced number of GetRealmName() calls from seven down to one. (Issue #986)
  • TitanClock: Minor cleanup.

Changes within (2015-02-10)

  • Added LibQTip back into the package for future column and alignment changes for tooltip data.
  • TitanBag: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2014-12-21)

  • TitanLocation: Fixed left-click on button not opening up the large map display. Default remains unaffected with use of "m" key. (Issue #1014)

Changes within (2014-12-14)

  • TitanXP: Cleaned up internal content and fixed issue preventing reset of multi-view items in submenu. To resolve, just pick one of the other options and the multi-view options will be cleared. (Issue #1011)

Changes within (2014-11-20)

  • TitanVolume: Cleaned up internal content.
  • TitanClock: Reduced number of GetRealmName() calls. (Issue #986)

Changes within (2014-11-12)

  • TitanVolume: Adding Dialog volume option as it's new in WoW 6.0. Sneaky Blizzard. (Issue #1004)
  • TitanLocation: Fixed issue where coordinates would not be removed from world map if they were disabled. (Issue #1006)

Changes within (2014-11-09)

  • TitanRepair: Fixed a boolean logic change from 0 and 1 to false and true per Lua 5.2 standard which is what WoW 6.0 is now using.
  • TitanClock: Fixed a boolean logic change within Blizzard API and also cleaned up internal content. (Issue #1005)

Changes within (2014-10-29)

  • TitanRepair: Fixed a boolean logic change within Blizzard API causing an overflow error and also cleaned up internal content. (Issue #896)

Changes within (2014-10-24)

  • TitanLootType: Fixed problem with Personal loot type and also cleaned up internal content. (Issue #994)
  • TitanLocation: Cleaned up internal content.

Changes within (2014-10-20)

  • Updated TOCs to 60000 for WoW 6.0 release.
  • Updated Ace3 libraries.
  • Updated LibSharedMedia library.
  • TitanLocation: Fixed apparent removal of WorldMapPositioningGuide function within WorldMapFrame. (Issue #992)
  • TitanBag: Update to Italian localization for new (50400) bags.

Changes within (2013-11-29)

  • TitanRepair: Switched from using tooltip scraping for gathering item durability information to Blizzard's GetContainerItemDurability() and GetInventoryItemDurability() functions. (Issue #965)
  • TitanRepair: General code cleanup in the TitanRepair_GetStatus() function.
  • Removal of references to the "pattern" string in all localization files for the above changes.

Changes within (2013-11-11)

  • Minor update to Ace3 AceGUI library.

Changes within (2013-10-29)

  • Blizzard dropped GetCVar("realmName") during a patch and replaced it with GetRealmName(). This broke Titan Panel but also broke a whole bunch of addons including their own Friends frame. Sometimes I wonder if the Marx Brothers aren't in charge of making these sort of decisions down in Irvine. (Issue #911)

Changes within (2013-10-14)

  • Fixed an issue with the Durability Frame not immediately showing at login, or at random times, when there was broken gear equipped.
  • Updated Ace3 libraries.
  • Updated LibSharedMedia library.
  • TitanBag: Added locale bag information for pending modification showing profession bag space.

Changes within (2013-09-10)

  • Updated toc to 50400 for WoW 5.4 release.

Changes within (2013-08-12)

  • TitanLocation: Fixed coordinate alignment problem on small world map. I was finally able to duplicate the problem with the help of the original reporter due to a new included screen shot. (Issue #903)

Changes within (2013-08-06)

  • Added new BlackPlusOne skin. This creates a thin black bar with a space between the edge of the screen and the bar.
  • Minor code modifications for some pending enhancement requests.

Changes within (2013-06-10)

  • Cleaned up the layout for the libraries removing duplicates and standardizing on a single location without nested folders. (Issue #897)

Changes within (2013-06-03)

  • Updated Ace libraries.
  • TitanLocation: Reported error was invalid. Reported coordinates on minimap are correct. (Issue #903)
  • TitanLootType: Fixed error with dungeon difficulty returned value. Improved parsing code and colors. (Issue #902)

Changes within (2013-05-21)

  • Updated toc to for WoW 5.3 release.
  • Recent string additions added to the Taiwan and Chinese localizations.

Changes within (2013-04-01)

  • TitanRepair: Fixed the problem with guild bank funds not being allowed for guild leaders. (Issue #896)

Changes within (2013-03-24)

  • TitanRepair: Fixed the problem with guild bank funds not appearing within the right-click pulldown and also cleaned up the logic while I was in there. (Issue #893)

Changes within (2013-03-17)

  • TitanRepair: Blizzard still hasn't fixed the internal GetGuildBankMoney() routine so I came up with a work-around so at least you shouldn't see the error about insufficient funds being in the guild bank anymore. (Issue #803)

Changes within (2013-03-10)

  • Changed toc to for WoW 5.2 release.
  • TitanLootType: Changed API calls for GetRaidDifficulty and SetRaidDifficulty.
  • Updated Ace3 and LibSharedMedia libraries.
  • Fixed typo in path to KR localization. (Issue #891)

Changes within supplemental (2013-03-04)

  • Added missing quotation mark to DE localization for Portable Refrigerator and changed the value to the supplied German equivalent. (Issue #888)
  • Changes made in French localization. (Issue #887)

Changes within (2013-03-04)

  • TitanBag: Added localizations for Portable Refrigerator which is a cooking bag. (Issue #887)
  • Changes made in Spanish and Italian localizations. (Issue #887)

Changes within (2013-02-24)

  • TitanXP: Fixed some additional values that were skipped when adding commas or periods. (Issue #878)
  • TitanLocation: Left-clicking on the button will now open up the World Map. (Issue #792)
  • Updated all localization to address changes within TITAN_XP_FORMAT, TITAN_XP_KILLS_LABEL and TITAN_XP_XPGAINS_LABEL.

Changes within (2013-02-18)

  • TitanLootType: Fixed problem with Challenge Mode dungeons throwing an error. (Issue #868)
  • TitanXP: Added in comma and period options for displaying values. (Issue #878)
  • TitanXP: Fixed the "estimated time to level this session" values.
  • Updated all localizations to address changes within TITAN_XP_PERCENTAGE_FORMAT which now only does the percentage instead of the integer formatting as well.

Changes within (2013-02-10)

  • Standardized all localizations for ease of future upgrades.
  • Repaired error in Brazilian localization.

Changes within (2012-12-01)

  • Changed toc to for WoW 5.1 release.
  • Updated Spanish localization.

Changes within (2012-11-26)

  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • TitanGold: Corrected incorrect toc version value.

Changes within (2012-10-15)

  • Disabled shifting (justify) of plugins during combat. This may cause overlap until combat ends but it's the only way to avoid the taint problem (Issue #856).
  • Added updated Korean localization.

Changes within (2012-09-30)

  • Blizzard reports a child button error during a zone transfer. However, there no child buttons in use so we may have addressed this issue but we're not 100% sure (Issue #840).
  • Titan Panel will now remove the plugins if it encounters the above error noted in Issue #840. This will make it much more clear that something bad has occurred.
  • TitanGold: Repaired lack of displaying character gold due to cleanup changes in 5.1.6 (Issue #839).
  • epaired zone transfer crash that made the bars disappear but left the plugins behind (Issue #840).

Changes within (2012-09-25)

  • TitanGold: Improved overall code and created string builds with coin images rather than BlizzardUI GetCoinTextureString call to improve the overall display quality.

Changes within (2012-09-16)

  • Changed toc to for WoW 5.0.5 release.
  • Updated LibSharedMedia library. This should resolve the Russian font problem (Issue #809).
  • Fixed an error in TitanUtils that I introduced when I removed the color coding for the "Revision" data that was removed. It will now show the proper version rather than "ver".
  • Fix for profiles not saving (Issue #830).
  • TitanGold: Fixed missing text labels. It will show the text labels when the user wants text labels OR icons (Issue #833).
  • TitanGold: Two new options to allow a period or comma as a separator. NOTE: The Blizzard routine does NOT allow setting a separator on the button text when show icons is checked. However it will work on the tool tip.
  • TitanPerformance: Now shows addons if show addons is selected (Issue #831).

Changes within (2012-09-09)

  • Titan Panel will now hide during pet battles until we can figure out what Blizzard did as it's far from standard frame behavior.
  • Corrected grammar for "TITAN_PANEL_EXTRAS_DELETE_MSG".
  • Repaired centering text problem (Issue #820).
  • TitanRepair: Fixed missing % within Chinese localization (Issue #713).

Changes within (2012-09-03)

  • Added missing old widgets to AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaLibrary even though they may be outdated to see if this resolves some of the issues we're seeing.
  • Updated LibStub and LibSharedMedia-3.0 libraries.
  • Removed old revision information from version string as it's no longer being dynamically updated.
  • Modified version display string within TitanUtils to address missing revision data.
  • Added fix to address incompatible plugins that were throwing a ptype error message during registration (Issue #826).

Changes within supplemental (2012-09-02)

  • Added AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaLibrary as I accidentally omitted it from the release (Issue #824).

Changes within (2012-09-02)

  • Change for the taint of "_" (Issue #806).
  • Also updated were a few more variables that could have given trouble from the taint log.
  • The change for the Russian default was also checked in (Issue #809).
  • Removed and replaced Ace3 Library in an effort to resolve incompatibility issues (Issue #810).
  • TitanLootType: Replaced old API calls with UnitIsGroupLeader("player") (Issue #819).

Changes within (2012-08-29)

  • Changed toc to for WoW 5.0.4 release.
  • Change to allow the 'vehicle bar' to adjust when using bottom bars.
  • TitanGold: Change to add commas to the gold value.
  • TitanXP: Change to prevent showing <?>
  • TitanRepair: Change to remove the "always updating".
  • Change in TitanUtils_TableContainsIndex (Issue #805).
  • Updated Ace3 Library.
  • Repaired API change within TitanMovable.

Changes within (2012-07-02)

  • Changed toc to for MoP Beta testing.
  • Fixed cleanup of variables that should be local (Issue #794).
  • Code cleanup after fixes for last release.
  • Updated API calls for testing.

Changes within (2012-01-17)

  • Fixed an issue in TitanVariables which would affect users on a new install or potentially an upgrade if they clear the Titan saved variables (Issue #745).
  • Returned the feature where Titan remembers the position of displayed plugins across logins. This affects those who use plugins that delay their loading (& Titan registration) (Issue #763).

Changes within (2012-01-03)

  • Fixed (Issue #710), (Issue #731), (Issue #737) & (Issue #736)
    • The center and show / hide option issues were interrelated. If there are lingering problems please submit new issues.
    • Special thanks to cruizok for helping troubleshoot these issues.
    • DEVELOPERS: We needed to rewrite some of the TitanVariable code.
      • These routines will no longer be global or have been deleted:
        • TitanVariables_InitDetailedSettings
        • TitanVariables_ResetDetailedSettings
      • These routines changed in feature and/or function. See the notes in the code.
        • TitanVariables_UseSettings
  • The auto hide in combat flag should be working. The option string is localized now (Issue #735).

Changes within (2011-12-01)

  • Fixed error in TitanVariables (Issue #724).

Changes within (2011-11-29)

  • Updated for WoW Patch 4.3.
  • Users can use a global profile. This profile will be used for all characters on a given account. There are 2 ways to set the global profile: # Log onto the character you want to use as the global profile and check 'Use Global Profile' on the main Titan menu # Go to the Titan Profiles options page. Select the profile you want to use as the global profile and check 'Use as Global Profile'. Also check the "Use Global Profile" on the options page if it is not checked.
  • Notes
    • Any changes to the global profile are done to the profile chosen and are used for any other character as long as "Use Global Profile" is checked.
    • Other profiles are NOT touched. If global profile is turned off then the original profile will be used. The profile used as the global profile will remain as set.
    • The profile used (or will be used) as the global profile will be shown on the main Titan menu and on the Titan Profile options page.
    • If you create a new character while "Use Global Profile" is active then no Titan profile is created. It will be created the next time "Use Global Profile" is unchecked and you log into that character.
    • You cannot delete the global profile being used.
    • You cannot delete the profile of the character you are logged on to.
  • There are two new options in TitanGold (Issue #619):
    • "Show No Labels" (new)
    • "Show Icon Labels" (new)
    • "Show Text Labels"
    • These are mutually exclusive.
    • Note: When "Show Icon Labels" is checked the colored text does nothing so it is 'removed' from the Gold menu.
  • There will be a new script command to help reset the profile on a given character (Issue #719). This can be useful when reinstalling WoW or Titan on a second machine.
    • /titan profile use name server
    • name is the name of the character or custom profile
    • server is the server name or TitanCustomProfile
    • Note: name and server are case insensitive!
    • Example: /titan profile use URNATI titancustomprofile
  • DEVELOPERS: We need to update the TitanPanelTemplate code.
    • NO functionality changes planned
    • These routines will no longer be global:
      • TitanTooltip_AddTooltipText
      • TitanPanelButton_SetTooltip
      • TitanPanelButton_IsText
      • TitanPanelButton_IsIcon
      • TitanPanelButton_IsCombo
      • TitanPanelButton_IsCustom
      • TitanPanelButton_OnDragStart
      • TitanPanelButton_OnDragStop
      • TitanTooltip_SetOwnerPosition
      • TitanTooltip_SetGameTooltip
      • TitanTooltip_SetPanelTooltip
      • TitanTooltip_AddTooltipText
    • The following variables will no longer be global:

Changes within (2011-11-06)

  • Repaired error within TitanVariables for newly created chracters or new installs of Titan Panel.

Changes within (2011-10-17)

  • In the Titan Plugin options the Bar drop down was updated to use Bottom, Bottom 2, Top, and Top 2 as localized strings rather than the static Bar and AuxBar. This should make all bar references consistent on the UI.
  • TitanPerformance: Replaced "Show Latency" with two new options "Show Realm Latency" and "Show Game Latency" (Issue #707)
  • TitanVolume: Volume now opens options screen instead of error. It does not go directly to sound/voice but this seems to be the way Blizz opens the frame. I do not see a way to directly go to sound. (Issue #714)
  • TitanGold: Gold now shows properly when "Show Gold Only" is checked but there is no silver or copper values (Exactly X gold - for example 400g 0s 0c) (Issue #715, Issue #669)
  • TitanGold: New option "Show Gold Colors" which will show text as white if not checked. (Issue #619)
  • TitanClock: Fixed UIDropDownMenuButton nil eror. (Issue #656)

Changes within (2011-07-03)

  • Fixed iconCoords and iconR/B/G for LDB plugins (Issue #699)
  • DEVELOPERS: There is a new feature related to iconCoords.
    • In your LDB object or the Titan registry add:
    • iconCoords = {0, 1, 0, 1},
    • ---
    • The above values mean 'do nothing'. Adjust as needed.
    • iconCoords can display a portion of the icon.
  • DEVELOPERS: There is a new feature related to iconR/B/G.
    • In your LDB object or the Titan registry add:
    • iconR = 1,
    • iconB = 1,
    • iconG = 1,
    • ---
    • The above values mean 'do nothing'. Adjust as needed.
    • iconR/B/G can shade an icon. Some addons use this technique for out of range or out of mana shading.
  • TitanRepair: Corrected function to address changes with GetItemQualityColor() API call in WoW 4.2. (Issue #711)
  • TitanXP: Modified time return data within TitanUtils to display a single value after a decimal point for days and hours to better reflect how much time it will take to level based on the session.

Changes within (2011-05-10)

  • Corrected error in TitanMovable MoveAdj routine. (Issue #701)
  • Corrected error in AutoHide routine.

Changes within (2011-04-30)

  • Updated for version 4.1 of World of Warcraft.
  • Added the ability to adjust 2 timers (maybe more later) - entering world and vehicles.
  • Changed "Main" to "Top" and "Aux" to "Bottom" within the options - the saved vars are the same and all internal calls remain the same.
  • Movable now adjusts the new frame BonusActionBarFrame which is used in some quests.
  • Localized some strings and added more.
  • TitanBag: Replaced OpenAllBags API call with new ToggleAllBags. (Issue #696)

Changes within (2011-04-06)

  • DEVELOPERS: There is a new routine in the API allowing addons to take control over frames that Titan adjusts.
    • TitanUtils_AddonAdjust(frame, bool)
      • Usage: TitanUtils_AddonAdjust("MinimapCluster", true)
        • frame the frame name (string) the addon wants to control (or not)
        • bool true to take control; false to release control
      • This overrides the user's Titan settings!
      • bool is NOT stored in saved variables.
  • Removed extra icon spacing on right-side LDB plugins (Issue #530)
  • Changed error message when a plugin attempts to register with a name already found (Issue #629)
  • Corrected typo preventing a popup that should appear when saving custom profiles (Issue #683)
  • TitanPerformance: Added display of the 'world' latency to button and tooltip (Issue #681)

Changes within (2011-02-05)

  • DEVELOPERS: There are 3 routines intended as a stable API rather than forcing addons to hook into Titan routines when they want to adjust to Titan placement.
    • TitanUtils_GetBarAnchors()
      • Usage: local top, bot = TitanUtils_GetBarAnchors()
        • top represents a frame at the bottom of the top frames(s)
        • bot represents a frame at the top of the bottom frames(s)
      • These frame are stable - they are not moved for auto hide
    • TitanUtils_GetMinimapAdjust()
      • Usage: local adjust = TitanUtils_GetBarAnchors()
        • adjust is true or false depending on whether Titan is adjusting the minimap frame or not.
    • TitanUtils_SetMinimapAdjust(bool)
      • Usage: TitanUtils_SetMinimapAdjust(true)
      • Using true tells Titan to not adjust the minimap assuming that the addon will control it.
  • Modification to ensure Titan is fully initialized before adjusting frames so addons & plugins asking Titan to adjust while entering the world will not error. (Issue #644)
  • The main bar no longer needs to be visible when adding plugins using the Titan options screen. The added plugin will be placed on the top most bar by default. (Issue #651)
  • Bottom bars moved down 1 pixel to align with the bottom of the screen. (Issue #606)
  • Moved several hooks to events in order to make frame adjusts more consistent. (Issue #609)
  • There is a new slider to change the spacing between right side icons. The difference between Titan and LDB spacing is still not resolved. (Issue #530)
  • Updated Ace3 libraries. (Issue #667)
  • Change to prevent a Lua error (Issue #644)
  • Updated .toc files so loading errors are not logged for TitanVolume and TitanGold (Issue #668)
  • Modified the way vehicle bar is adjusted by Titan to reduce unintended reactions. (Issue #512)
  • Changed global call to allow CT_Mod to know when Titan is present to allow CT_UnitFrames to position items correctly. (Issue #653)
  • Added a delay to allow variable clarifications from Blizzard to occur before Titan executes. (Issue #674)
  • Corrected GM ticket frame from overlaying consolidated buffs frame. (Issue #675)
  • LDB: Titan will always create a callback for .text object. (Issue #648)
  • TitanLocation:
    • New option "Update World Map When Zone Changes" to allow the focus to change or not if the world map is open. (Issue #603)
    • Change to hide the world map button when "Show Location on Minimap" is not selected. (Issue #649)
    • Change so cursor text shows properly (Issue #647)
  • TitanBag: Added profession bag 'Lure Master Tackle Box'. (Issue #670)

Changes within (2010-11-23)

  • TitanRepair: Changed the name of the tooltip to Titan Repair.
  • Removed TitanCoords from SVN.
  • Tweaked ADDON_LOADED code. (Issue #615)
  • Moved unused bars off screen to avoid errors when clicking 'top' of screen. (Issue #614)
  • The full map button off minimap is click-able.
  • No errors when right clicking at the top if Main bar 1 or 2 are not shown.
  • No errors when clicking on bottom of screen if Aux 1/2 are not shown (R or L of Blizzard bars)
  • No fuzzy line at top when Main bar 1/2 are not shown
  • No fuzzy line at bottom when Aux bar 1/2 are not shown
  • Can 'grab' and move camera at top when Main bar 1/2 are not shown
  • Can 'grab' and move camera at bottom when Aux bar 1/2 are not shown (R or L of Blizzard bars)
  • Moved unused bars off screen to avoid errors when clicking map button near minimap. (Issue #610)
  • Adjusted justify code to center properly. (Issue #608)
  • Apply consistent y offset for plugins. (Issue #613)
  • Fixed weapon buffs shifting over minimap problem. (Issue #583)

Changes within (2010-11-18)

  • Drag and drop of a plugin to another bar is now available.
  • Dragging and dropping onto another plugin will still swap the two plugins.
  • Switching sides using drag & drop is still not allowed.
  • The 4 Titan Panel bars are now independent. 1 or 2 on the top and 1 or 2 on the bottom.
  • Each bar can have its own settings - show / hide; center / left; auto-hide; transparency.
  • There is an options screen for main bar & main bar 2 and aux bar & aux bar 2.
  • The options that affect main or aux are in the proper options screen.
  • The transparency option was updated to adjust each of the 4 bars independently.
  • Those who have double bar selected will find all the plugins on a single bar. Please enable a 2nd bar then drag the plugins to the desired positions.
  • There is no need to remove the Titan saved variables. The current saved variables are used and will be added to.
  • Profile add / delete is now available via the Titan options screens.
  • You can add / delete or create a custom profile.
  • All profiles are listed using @ or @TitanCustomProfile. The list is sorted by combining and .
  • The skins options screen has been revamped, It is now 2 screens.
  • One to pick the skin to show and reset to Titan defaults; another to add / remove custom skins.
  • The add / remove option now refers to custom or 'user' skins only - the user & Titan skins are still stored under the same Custom folder. The Titan skins are not available for deletion in the pull down.
  • The Titan main menu now only has a single link (Configuration) to access all the options for a cleaner look.
  • The Titan options list has been reordered for clarity.
  • The Attempts option screen no longer shows 'child' plugins such as those for GoldTracker. This was done for clarity since child plugins are typically not used standalone.
  • Extras & Profiles now refresh their lists within the options screen so it is accurate on delete.
  • Main menu has a single option "Configuration" to open Titan options screens.
  • Made titles on options screens more consistent.
  • Fixed radio button appearance on pulldown menus.
  • The spacing is a little smaller between right side buttons.
  • Fixed Aux bar: Check "Automatic log adjust". Check 'Disable screen adjust'. Check 'show / hide aux bar' and the log (chat) window still adjusts. It should stay with action bars and bags (if auto bag adjust is checked).
  • Fixed if a plugin is on the aux bar and you make it switch sides it will go to the correct side but on the main bar.
  • Updated TitanPanelRightClickMenu_AddTitle and TitanPanelRightClickMenu_AddSpacer. Please note that if other plugin developers do not catch this all Titan titles and spacers will be full left side.
  • Also note that Blizzard flipped the default of the button attribute notCheckable to false so it must be explicitly set to true if you do not want the radio button to appear on your pulldown menu.
  • Localized many more strings.
  • Localized more strings in options.
  • Many Titan functions were made 'local'.
  • A lot more comments were added to the Titan code.
  • TitanCoords: Renamed to TitanLocation. The player coordinates were removed from the downsized (movable) map. Showing them could take up too much space.
  • TitanGoldTracker: Renamed to TitanGold. Gold is text based rather than a frame for each of gold / silver / copper. It now has a plugin icon and will respond as a normal Titan plugin. The plugin text and tool tip now show leading zeroes for a value greater than 0. The tooltip shows the same information as GoldTracker.
  • TitanRepair: The option "InventoryCheck" is now set to false by default so only damage to worn items is shown. This was confusing some people.
  • TitanAmmo: Deprecated as Cataclysm does not use ammo for weapons.
  • TitanRegen: Deprecated as the functionality of this plugin no longer falls within the core requirements of our plugins. The Titan Development Team is offering this to the community if someone wishes to support it.
  • TitanVolume: Is now a right side only plugin.
  • TitanGold: Ability to turn off the coin labels.
  • TitanClock: Option to show/hide calendar on minimap.
  • TitanClock: Option to show/hide clock on minimap.
  • TitanBag: Moved "Ignore Profession Bags" option to main menu (not a submenu)
  • LDB Addon Changes:
    • Better adherence to LDB spec. Only types specified in the spec are supported - "launcher" and "data source" currently.
    • Removed "LDBT_" from the start of each LDB-Titan plugin created
    • Changed the LDB-Titan settings so a 'launcher' and a 'data source' behave like right side and left side Titan plugins respectively.

Changes within (2010-10-16)

  • Updated version information for WoW 4.0.1 for people who can't comprehend that an addon may continue to function even after a major WoW update by simply clicking on the 'Load Out Of Date Addons' button.
  • Deprecated (Removed) TitanAmmo as it is no longer needed.
  • Deprecated (Removed) TitanRegen as we've elected to return this plugin back to the community.

Changes within (2010-07-13)

  • TitanBags: Improved update efficiency.
  • TitanCoords: Fixed ChatFrameEditBox Blizzard API modification
  • Fixed ChatFrameEditBox Blizzard API modification in main module.
  • Fixed a color error caused by a typo.
  • Fixed map coordinate error due to scaling issue.
  • Updated Russian and French localizations.

Changes within (2010-06-23)

  • Removed the hook to FCF_UpdateCombatLogPosition (TitanMovable error).
  • Added a fudge to the chat window adjust when bottom bar is used.
  • Fixed an error when an unsupported LDB type is loaded.
  • Updated the "Attempted" Titan config to display LDB type and show all LDB register attempts (unsupported or supported).

Changes within (2010-06-18)

  • Fixed the recent LDBToTitan error we were all seeing that was due to addons creating LDB objects after Titan Panel had registered it's plugins. None of our normal LDB plugins displayed this issue so it was missed during testing.
  • Removed the "?" as a default for <ldb>.text object.
  • Added check for created Titan-LDB object in the callback routines to update LDB text/icon.
  • Removed the 'unsupported' message to chat.
  • Added some debugging code for temporary checks that will be removed in the future.

Changes within (2010-06-15)

  • DEVELOPERS: Titan now does a two step process to register a plugin. On the creation of the frame Titan queues the frame. Then when the player enters the world the queued plugins will actually be registered. What this means is for those plugins that create the frame in code then call 'TitanPanelButton_OnLoad' will cause Titan to give an 'already loaded' error. As long as the .registry is set before the player enters the world the call to 'TitanPanelButton_OnLoad' is not needed. Despite this error, the plugin is usually fine.
  • The 'Attempts' menu is new. It lists all the plugins that have requested to be registered with Titan Panel. It lists the name; category; result; and the issue, if any.
  • The 'Extras' menu is new. It shows plugins that are not loaded. From here one can remove the config data for that plugin.
  • The 'Chars' menu is new. It shows characters and server name. From here one can remove the config data for that character. One can also delete the the data from the profile delete.
  • There is a new Blizz option group called 'Plugins' which allows one to:
    • show / hide plugins
    • shift the displayed plugin left / right for exact placement
    • move plugin from one bar to another using a simple drop down
  • There is a new Blizz option group called 'Extra' which allows one to manage the saved plugins for that character. This allows one to remove unused entries so they do not take up disk space.
  • The 'Built-ins' menu has been changed to look like the other menus. This creates a common routine to display the categories.
  • There is a new Blizz option group called 'Character' which allows one to delete the profiles of characters. This acts like the 'delete' using the Titan menus. As this is a duplicate, the old delete may be removed.
  • The savedVariable called 'DisplayOnRightSide' now works properly. For those wishing to control moving tthe plugin from right to left *this is the preferred method* over using TITAN_PANEL_NONMOVABLE_PLUGINS.
  • TITAN_PANEL_NONMOVABLE_PLUGINS is still used when checking for right side plugins. *Plugins are no longer moved in and out of the array by Titan*.
  • There is a new registry table called 'controlVariables'. Entries acted on are: ShowIcon, ShowLabelText, ShowRegularText, ShowColoredText, DisplayOnRightSide.
    • If this table exists a sub menu off the Titan category menu listing plugins will be created.
    • If any of these entries are set to true then they will be added to the sub menu.
    • This gives developers the opportunity to use the same sub menu style that was created for LDB plugins. And give control over which options are displayed.
  • There is a new registry entry called 'ForceBar'. It is used by Auto Hide and Auto Hide Aux to ensure they stay on the proper bar. Accepted values are 'Bar' and 'AuxBar'.
  • There is a new Titan configuration group in the Blizzard options called Plugins
    • A list of plugins will be shown along with control options
    • There will be a Show that can be checked to show or uncheck to hide the plugin
    • There will be a 'shift left' and a 'shift right' for fine control of plugin placement. The shift will be within the same bar and same side where the plugin currently is.
    • There will be a "bar" dropdown to easily switch a plugin from the main bar to the auxiliary bar or the reverse.
  • The Clock option to place it on the 'far right' will be replaced by 'display on the right'. If desired use the shift left / right to get it exactly as you want it.
    • There will be a fix for a clock plugin placement issue.
  • The Titan load message is back to let you know Titan loaded successfully
  • Parts of the Titan code will be streamlined and consolidated for better maintainability and hopefully better performance.
  • TitanGoldTracker: Added preceding zeros for silver and copper values if the value was a single digit. This allowed for better alignment.
  • Deprecated: The following list of routines have been removed. They are not used in Titan or the 20+ plugins by other authors that were searched.
    • TitanUtils_ChangeSideOnBar
    • TitanUtils_GetPreviousButton
    • TitanUtils_GetNextButton
    • TitanUtils_GetLastButton
    • TitanUtils_GetCPNIndexInArray
    • TitanUtils_FindInventoryItemWithText
    • TitanUtils_FindInventoryItemWithTextAndSlot
    • TitanUtils_GetItemName

Changes within (2010-01-15)

  • Fixed versioning error.
  • Returned attribution line during load to show version and confirm successful load.

Changes within (2010-01-12)

  • Library updates.
  • Updated the code (Titan_TicketStatusFrame_OnShow()) that adjusts the ConsolidatedBuffs frame when the GM ticket is active (TicketStatusFrame) to ensure consistent placement of consolidated buffs and buff frames with Titan bars. Titan overrides the routine but we found the updated Blizz routine inconsistent in placing the buff frames. Depending on the exact clicks (buffs given, denied, expired; GM ticket; Titan options) the frame would be placed in different places.

Changes within (2009-12-16)

  • Library updates.
  • TitanCoords: Modified to adjust where player/cursor text is shown. Swapped player (1st) and cursor (2nd) coords to reduce 'jitter' when moving cursor. Added player (possibly cursor) to the minimized world map. NOTE: the cursor text updates when the cursor is anywhere on the screen. We may change this later.
  • The disable / enable adjust for bag is back. (defect)
  • The 'Display on top' is back. (defect)
  • The Titan Bars options screen (Blizz Addon config) now shows options to disable / enable adjust for minimap, log, bag, and ticket frame. These were moved from the Titan Options screen.
  • The Titan Options screen (Blizz Addon config) still has Tooltip and Frames options.

Changes within (2009-12-07)

  • TitanCoords: Fixed for changes in patch 3.3. Coordinates show (if option enabled) on large world map (with or without quests). Coordinates will not show in minimized world map.
  • TitanMovable Fixed so new consolidated buffs adjust below Titan bar(s). Also made changes needed for patch 3.3
  • BonusScanner and BrokerBonusScanner were removed from Titan Panel. These are not part of the core functionality of Titan.
  • On the Titan menu (right click) replaced 'Options' sub-menu under Configuration with two buttons (Bars and Options) that redirect to the Blizz configuration frame.
  • Cleanup some redundant code that builds the sub-menus
  • Added new localization strings for the reload UI on 'adjust for ticket frame'.

Changes within (2009-09-07)

  • Library updates.
  • Removed the "Move Casting Bar" option and relevant code. It was unnecessary, buggy and difficult to maintain.
  • Automatic log adjust, if enabled, will now take into consideration the existence of the Shaman bar (where applicable).
  • Added an option to enable the GM ticket frame adjustment (Default is ON). Unchecking this option is useful in cases you want to enable (or have already enabled) another addon which specifically handles positioning of the ticket frame.
  • Fixed a small bug with container anchors.
  • Removed AceLibrary embed permanently and fixed code to optionally use the relevant methods. The embed was unnecessary and was causing problems with externals.
  • Titan Repair: Eliminated an unnecessary global.

Changes within (2009-08-19)

  • Fixed a bug, where the bottom bar(s) would not properly adjust, when the player would switch its active talents/spec.
  • Increased bottom bar(s) adjustment delay when entering/exiting vehicles by 1 second, to compensate for potential latency issues.
  • TitanLootType: Instance difficulty no longer defaults to the group type. A second level menu has been added to the "Show Dungeon/Raid Difficulty" option, allowing the player to choose the type of instance difficulty to be shown at any time (Dungeon, Raid or automatic - group based, assuming you are grouped). Note that in order for difficulty to be properly displayed on the button, the actual "Show Dungeon/Raid Difficulty" option must be "checked" in itself, in addition to the desired difficulty type.
  • TitanXP: Added an option to multi-info view, to display the estimated number of certain xp gains to level, which should function exactly as the estimated kills display used to function, taking into consideration the last experience gain, whether it is a kill, a quest turn-in or general experience gain (eg. from exploration). Due to a limitation in the addon, you may either display estimated kills or estimated gains, to level, on the button. Both statistics are always available, on the tooltip.

Changes within (2009-08-08)

  • Added a new option to the right-click menu ("Options" submenu) called "Automatic bag adjust", which enables the user to activate or deactivate adjustments for the bag containers, when bottom bar(s) are active, to avoid overlapping issues with the Main menu bar. Default setting is ON. Warning: Users of addons or UI compilations (e.g nUI) that manipulate or reposition the default bag frames will want to UNCHECK this option!
  • TitanLootType: Changed the default button text, when the user is ungrouped.
  • Updated readme file.

Changes within (2009-08-07)

  • Updated French localization.
  • Fixed a tainting issue leading to addon action blocked, when attempting to change totem types, on the new totem bar, while in combat.

Changes within (2009-08-04)

  • Library and localization update.
  • Updated BonusScanner to v5.1.
  • Increased the top panel adjustment delay for vehicles to 2 seconds.
  • Removed the vehicle specific check for top panel adjustment, when exiting combat.
  • Replaced TicketStatusFrame_OnEvent Hook in Titan Movable module with proper hooks to be fired when the ticket frame is hidden or shown.
  • Removed the "Append Broker suffix in menu" option from the right-click options menu. It was utterly unnecessary and hardly being used.
  • Right-click menu for the bar(s) and plugins will no longer be initialized on VARIABLES_LOADED, but on-demand, when necessary.
  • Redesigned the right-click menu to span multiple levels, in order to hopefully avoid action blocked messages due to tainting for the following internal plugins : TitanBag, TitanCoords, TitanPerformance and TitanRepair.
  • TitanClock: Removed some unnecessary code.
  • TitanLootType: Fixed an error where the plugin was unable to differentiate between dungeon and raid difficulty. Added necessary options for raid instances and updated localization strings, as needed. Refined function to get instance difficulty types.
  • TitanCoords: Disallowed showing/hiding the location minimap frame, while in combat.
  • TitanXP: Fixed the number of estimated kills, to only take into consideration XP gains derived from a mobs death (XP gain pattern needs to be localized for non-US locales - work in progress).

Changes within (2009-06-19)

  • Corrected an issue with a texture frame being placed a pixel off its normal position.
  • Removed LibQTip-1.0 and Tablet-2.0 embedded libraries (not really needed).
  • Added some sanity checks to the time functions in Titan Utils module.
  • Fixed a small issue with Data Broker plugin label separators.
  • Added support for middle mouse button clicks (mostly affects native plugins).
  • Titan Repair: Revamped the updating procedure. More specifically:
    • Removed OnUpdate script handler as it was never really needed and was creating unnecessary overhead.
    • Registered more events to ensure durability checks are always accurate.
    • Removed unnecessary variables.
    • Embedded AceTimer-3.0 to throttle down "spammy" event handling.
    • Fixed a serious and forgotten bug, where the total durability reported would be incorrect, if the user had elected to calculate inventory damage.

Changes within (2009-06-05)

  • Russian localization update.
  • Fixed a bug with a missing sanity check for the .label attribute of Data Broker plugins.
  • Fixed a parenting issue in the texture creation function that was causing auxiliary bar transparency settings not be taken into consideration (Issue #431).
  • Updated LibQTip-1.0 to r108.
  • Minor performance optimizations.

Changes within (2009-06-02)

  • Localization and library updates.
  • Updated BonusScanner to v5.0 (patched).
  • Registered callback for .label attribute change, in case any Data Broker plugin decides to dynamically alter this attribute, in the future.
  • Completely revamped the texture system. Removed static frame texture creation from the TitanPanel.xml file. Textures are now dynamically created (when needed), resized and repositioned, depending on the current screen width and UI/Panel scale. This should enable the Titan Bar(s) to fit any screen width and thus support any theoretical resolution (Issue #424). Requires testing.
  • TitanGoldTracker: Implemented a static popup, asking for confirmation, when invoking the "Clear Database" command, via the plugin's right-click menu.
  • TitanLootType: Added support for showing and setting dungeon difficulty levels. Button, tooltip and right-click menu modified to reflect these changes.
  • TitanXP: Added an option to display (pure) session time, on the button (can be enabled through the plugin's right-click menu).

Changes within (2009-05-02)

  • Added a list of unsupported LDB plugin types (e.g Cork) to the internal LibDataBrokerToTitan module, to enable easier maintainance.
  • Fixed a condition for automatic log adjustment in the relevant module. Purged unused code.
  • Added license information to configuration "About" panel and core .toc file.
  • Added "BACKGROUND" to the list of available frame stratas to choose from, for the bar(s). Implemented a small fix for an unforeseen bug with the right-click menu, to properly support this feature.
  • New attempt to fix bottom frame adjustment, after the player enters the world. Increased check delay to 5 seconds.
  • Added an option to Show/Hide the plugin text for Data Broker plugins marked as "data sources" only (launchers generally do not provide any text, only an optional label).
  • Titan Repair: Added support for repairing via Guild Bank funds. Revamped the right-click menu slightly. Added an option to report the repair cost in chat when either "auto-repair" or "show repair popup" is enabled.

Changes within (2009-04-25)

  • Emergency Update: Attempt to resolve bottom frames not always adjusting properly, when bottom bar(s) are present and enabled.

Changes within (2009-04-24)

  • Updated localization (work in progress).
  • Updated BonusScanner to version 4.9.
  • Added AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets library.
  • Localized Titan Panel default variables table.
  • Reverted the change with Panel initialization only occurring on the first PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event, since it was causing adjustment issues with bottom bar(s).
  • Moved Panel font setting from the dropdown menu to the "Panel Control" configuration menu.
  • Added a slider under "Panel Control", enabling users to adjust font scale for the bar(s).
  • Added a dropdown list under "Panel Control", enabling users to adjust the frame strata for the bar(s).
  • Change the addon's license to custom BSD (All rights reserved).
  • Minor code cleanup.
  • TitanBags : Added Titanium Toolbox and Emerald Bag to the list of recognized profession bags.
  • TitanCoords : Fixed a small bug, where the zone would not update properly when using teleport pads in instances (e.g.; Ulduar), resulting in the player getting no coordinates.

Changes within (2009-04-14)

  • Library update and .toc bump for WoW 3.1.
  • Reworked the entire localization system to use the AceLocale-3.0 library. Committed necessary changes to core addon and internal plugins, to support the new system. Removed redundant localization strings and unnecessary files. This change breaks compatibility with the previous system and may cause issues to some older, unmaintained Titan native plugins (LDB plugins remain unaffected).
  • TitanCoords : Removed instance check, since Northrend instances have been reworked to include proper maps and valid coordinates.
  • TitanRepair : Added a sanity check for empty inventory slots, to avoid unnecessary errors when an item is not present.
  • Panel initialization should now only occur on the first PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event, for efficiency.
  • Updated BonusScanner to version 4.8.
    • Added an obscure spell power pattern found on certain items, on the new emblem rewards.
    • Added Spanish localization.
    • Removed Resistance to Snare and Root effects as it doesn't seem to be used anymore.
    • Added a new option to the button configuration of the LDB feed, enabling the user to hide watched bonuses.
    • Added some sanity checks for empty slots, to avoid calculation errors.
    • Parry, Defense, Block, Dodge and Resilience Rating: Low-level players will now convert these ratings into their corresponding defensive stats at the same rate as level 34 players.
    • WoW 3.1 Armor Penetration Rating: All classes now receive 25% more benefit from Armor Penetration Rating. Corrected base rating value.
    • WoW 3.1 Haste Rating: Shamans, Paladins, Druids and Death knights now receive 30% more melee haste from Haste Rating. Implemented changes to core addon plus the LDB feed to return different melee and ranged/spell values.

Changes within (2009-03-23)

  • Localization and library update.
  • Updated BonusScanner to version 4.7.
  • Fixed a bug when invoking the "Reset Panel to Default" option (or slash command) would not properly reset plugins (and their respective locations) to the default ones.
  • Titan will now attempt to adjust chat frame positions even if combat, as long as the frames are not protected and "Automatic Log Adjust" is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the MinimapCluster frame wouldn't get properly adjusted, if its border was for some reason, hidden.
  • Implemented an outside combat check to properly adjust the PlayerFrame, if the player is still inside a vehicle, after combat expires.
  • TitanCoords : Added a new option to hide location text from the MiniMap.
  • Removed TitanItemBonuses localization specific strings, since the plugin is no longer needed/supported. Be warned that _this will most likely break the plugin_. Should errors arise because of this, it is advised that you delete your TitanItemBonuses folder and use the BonusScanner LDB feed (now defaulted to enabled) that includes and supersedes the functionality of the old Titan plugin.
  • Implemented a small code workaround that hopefully addresses the issue with some clients producing an error related to bag frame offsets.

Changes within (2009-03-03)

  • Fixed font type for plugins created after PLAYER_LOGIN.
  • Updated libraries and localization (work in progress).
  • BonusScanner : Committed Broker_BonusScanner, a LoD LDB feed for the core addon (enabled by default). Implemented changes in core addon to support the load on demand behavior of the broker plugin. Configuration initialization moved to ADDON_LOADED instead of VARIABLES_LOADED. Added LibDBIcon support for the LDB feed, for users lacking a proper display addon. Added proper localization support in both the core addon and the LDB plugin.
  • TitanItemBonuses has been deprecated and will no longer be supported. Broker_BonusScanner, the internal LDB feed of the BonusScanner addon is meant to replace TitanItembonuses. Users are encouraged to delete their TitanItemBonuses folder altogether, as the addon will break in the next release.
  • Merged code for auxiliary auto-hide button (bottom bar) with normal auto-hide button, to avoid clutter. As a result, files TitanAuxAutoHide.lua and TitanAuxAutoHide.xml are no longer necessary.
  • Added support for LDB plugins, loading as "delayed" due to addon managers etc. Aforementioned plugins should now properly display on the bar, in the position that they were placed/shown, since the last player logout, on the specific character. Note that bar position settings for "delayed" plugins will not be "stored" if said plugins are disabled or deleted, or simply hidden (and generally not shown on the bar) during a player logout.
  • Added some missing sanity checks in regards to the button movement code.
  • Fixed an issue (hopefully) where an invisible bottom bar frame would prevent interaction with the rest of the UI elements, when the bottom bar(s) were not shown.
  • Titan's variable initialization moved from VARIABLES_LOADED to ADDON_LOADED for reliability.
  • Added a new function TitanPanel_AddNewSkin(name, path), to automate skin addition for artwork authors without having to go through the interface configuration. Restrictions : name and path must be unique, not empty or nil plus they should not exist in the Panel's savedvariables. For more information refer to the readme file provided with the release. Additional information will also be posted on the wiki, at a later time.
  • Added a button to the skin configuration menu, allowing users to reset their skin list to the default build-ins.

Changes within (2009-02-14)

  • Small Russian localization update.
  • LibQtip-1.0 update.
  • Container frames should now properly use the Blizzard offsets and adjust according to resolution and number of bottom bars.
  • Reverted changes to Blizzard's vehicle art hooks, since they apparently seem to cause issues with the MainMenuBar adjustment on zoning.

Changes within (2009-02-09)

  • Disabled button justification on zone changes to slightly improve performance.
  • Minor localization update.
  • Replaced a couple of Blizzard function hooks, affecting vehicle frame adjustment, with better candidates.
  • Minor code cleanup.
  • Updated BonusScanner to version 4.5.
  • TitanItemBonuses: Added an option to display the average item level, for the player's gear.
  • TitanPerformance: Addon counter configuration frame should now properly hide, when mousing over different options, while invoking the plugin's right-click menu. Modified update timer to 1.5 seconds (up from 1 second).
  • TitanClock: Fixed an issue where clock would not switch to the proper time zone, immediately upon selecting an option.
  • TitanAmmo: Fixed an issue where the ammo count could be nilled out, causing a format error, in the button update function. Implemented a new option to display ammo item names (where applicable).
  • TitanRepair: Changed DurabilityFrame hook to be fired only when the frame is being shown, in order to avoid unnecessary displacement of the tracked quests frame.

Changes within (2009-01-19)

  • Fixed Titan menu error caused by changes in Blizzard's dropdown menu code (3.0.8). Titan will no longer attempt to override the toggle function and use its own. Localized a forgotten variable that was causing a taint in the execution path, leading to protected functions. This should really prevent the focus frame from tainting in WoW 3.0.8 and beyond.
  • Small modification to the GM ticket event function hook to reflect Blizzard's code and avoid potential issues.
  • Fixed a bug where the scale of the GameTooltip would be reverted to an incorrect value when the mouse cursor would leave a certain type of LDB plugin.
  • Added support for LDB plugins using the iconCoords, iconR, iconG, iconB attributes (eg TomTom). Special thanks to Cladhaire.
  • Replaced all instances of getglobal() with G for efficiency.
  • Hopefully fixed a rare issue where adjusting the WorldStateAlwaysUpFrame would result in an action blocked message.
  • Committed updated BonusScanner version (4.4).
  • Library updates.
  • Updated (hopefully) all localizations. New WoTLK bags should now be properly recognized.
  • TitanItemBonuses: Removed redundant code. Merged configuration tables into localization and main module. Updated to include the new DPS bonus categories from BonusScanner.
  • TitanClock: Modified update timer to 30 seconds (up from 2 seconds).
  • TitanCoords: Implemented coordinate caching for improved performance.
  • TitanGoldTracker: Removed unnecessary library reference.
  • TitanBag: Updated localization to include all Wrath ammo and profession bags so users can properly ignore these.

Changes within (2008-11-30)

  • Bugfixing release.
  • Bonuscanner: EnUS Pattern update.
  • Fixed an issue with the default player frame not properly adjusting while entering/exiting a vehicle.
  • Properly adjusted bag vertical offsets values (setting them to that of Blizzard).
  • Localization update for ruRU and frFR.
  • LibQTip-1.0 update.

Changes within (2008-11-16)

  • Implemented support for properly adjusting vehicle interface (and optionally the chat log), when using bottom bars.
  • Updated Readme file.
  • TitanRepair: Implemented a less intrusive hook (to other addons) for Durability frame hiding.
  • TitanVolume: Saved values behavior changed. Implemented an option in the right-click menu to override Blizzard's volume settings, when entering world (defaulted to OFF). Master Volume default changed to 1 (100%).

Changes within (2008-11-11)

  • Fixed a bug with TitanRepair and its durability frame savedvariable default value.
  • Implemented an Ace3 secure hook to ensure that the durability frame will always stay hidden if the user chooses to hide it.

Changes within (2008-11-11)

  • Revamped template module, in terms of plugin movement. The addon should now consume slightly less CPU on normal clicks. Properly hide dropdown menus when a plugin is moving, do not set tooltips or toggle auto-hide.
  • Minor update to AceGUI-3.0.
  • Fixed a bug when sometimes launchers set as right-side plugins would get an incorrect menu and would not properly revert their state to left-side, when loading character profiles where those specific launchers were set to behave as left-side plugins.
  • Added a nil check to the frame being passed when initializing a Blizzard dropdown menu, in order to avoid unnecessary errors.
  • Implemented a small check to properly register LDB data object vars when the data object was being created after entering world (work in progress).
  • Minor redundant code cleanup.
  • Added support for plugins using LibQTip-1.0 tooltips.
  • Implemented an additional check when moving plugins to properly close Tablet tooltips (compatibility fix for new FuBar2Broker version).
  • Various localization updates, zhCN and traditional Chinese locale added.
  • BonusScanner Module: Re-enabled ranged critical strike rating, updated TitanItemBonuses accordingly.
  • TitanRepair: An option to show item names was implemented. When this and 'show most damaged' is checked, it will show the name. When this is not checked and 'show most damaged' is checked, it will show "." When 'show most damaged' is not checked (show all), an asterisk is shown. This is intentional to indicate which 'mode' is being shown (most damaged or all). An option to show/hide Blizzard's durability frame was also added. Implemented a small fix to avoid item quality/color errors with itemlinks that haven't been stored in the local cache. Properly localized a few variables.
  • TitanXP: Added an option to display an estimated number of kills to level up, based on the last amount of experience gained. Added options in the right-click menu, so that the user is able to choose what kind of information he/she wants shown on the button, for multi-info view.
  • TitanClock: Added an option to hide the Time/Calendar minimap button (this setting will persist when entering world).
  • TitanVolume: The addon should no longer prevent setting zero values on the sliders. Added an option in the right-click menu to display Blizzard's Sound/Voice configuration panel. Increments between every 10% will now be properly stored in the plugin's savedvariables and override Blizzard's Cvars whenever the player is entering the world.

Changes within (2008-10-24)

  • AceGUI-3.0 Update.
  • Revamped LDB tooltip attribute implementation (experimental).
  • Fixed (hopefully) a bug when sometimes the MainMenuBar wouldn't get adjusted properly on zoning, when the bottom Titan bar(s) were active.
  • Minor locale updates.
  • Added OnDoubleClick attribute support for Data Broker plugins. OnClick and OnDoubleClick should normally be mutually exclusive. If used together it is recommended that they handle different mousebutton clicks.
  • Added a small safeguard to ensure invalid icon objects won't produce errors.
  • Added the ability to toggle Blizzard's Calendar on and off via Shift-Left clicking on the clock.
  • Implemented a better check for button justification.

Changes within (2008-10-17)

  • Updated French localization for Titan and BonusScanner.
  • Updated bags localization in ruRU.
  • Fixed a bug with LDB data sources that "used to be" launchers. They should now "revert" to left-side buttons properly, without disabling all their menu properties.
  • Fixed a bug where an LDB DO with no label would not display the text properly.
  • Fixed a small bug where an icon wouldn't show for an LDB launcher if the object "used to be", a data source. Invoking the plugin's menu options should now automatically show the icon.
  • Labels for LDB launchers that use the text attribute, but no real label attribute, will now be properly set.
  • Implemented slightly better movement for chat log, when "Automatic Log Adjust" is enabled (still far from perfect but hopefully functional).

Changes within (2008-10-14)

  • Includes all changes from the live version.
  • Embedded LibSharedMedia-3.0. Added ability to change Panel font through LibSharedMedia-3.0 shared fonts. Removed LoD from .toc to avoid issues with disembedded libs and WoW 3.0.
  • Revamped the Right-Click menu.
  • Profiling: Added ability to delete a profile.
  • Profiling: Added ability to save custom profiles (requires Reload UI). You may also overwrite a profile, if you attempt to save another that uses the exact same name. Implemented new static popup asking confirmation.
  • Implemented a static popup warning when the user attempts to reset the Panel to defaults from either the slash command or the Panel menu item.
  • Eliminated all instances of global references 'this' and 'argN' from the Panel code. This change breaks compatibility with plugins that aren't updated to properly call the modified Titan core functions (for specific information on what exactly changed, please refer to the relevant wiki entry). Removed some needless code in the process. Minor cleanup.
  • Updated Libraries, *deprecated Rock framework and replaced with Ace3*.
  • Ace3 Core implementation. Categorized localization for easier access and editing plus future implementation of AceLocale-3.0.
  • Updated TitanClock, TitanCoords, TitanGoldTracker, TitanItemBonuses and TitanPerformance timed updates, in accordance with latest changes.
  • Data Broker "launchers" will now be considered right-side plugins by default.
  • Fixed a small bug, where LDB launchers weren't setting their text font properly after being "converted" to a left-side plugin.
  • Disabled toggling the icon off for LDB launchers when treated as left-side plugins to stay true to what the LDB spec dictates.
  • LDB Launcher labels (or names) can now be toggled off, when launchers are treated as left-side plugins.
  • Fixed a small bug with the LDB module, preventing a Data Object that was using a Blizzard dropdown menu, from displaying it.
  • Fixed a bug with a slash command not properly adjusting Blizzard frames after reseting the panel scale.
  • TITAN_NIL has been deprecated. Boolean variables should use 'false' now, as expected.
  • Revamped the way panel skins are handled. Skin information is now stored in saved variables instead of an external module. Implemented ability to set/add/remove a skin from within Titan's interface options menu ('Skin' category).
  • Artwork cleanup. Removed redundant/unused files. Icon files are now specific to their plugins.
  • Added 3 new slash commands: /titan gui control, /titan gui trans and /titan gui skin in order to avoid future problems with Interface Options. The commands will open the proper configuration window, without invoking Blizzard's Interface Options menu.
  • Updated BonusScanner module for WotLK. Added French locale (experimental). Revamped localization, eliminated global strings, AceLocale-3.0 is used instead. Removed OnUpdate, replaced with AceTimer-3.0 to slightly throttle spammy events.
  • TitanAmmo : Rewritten for efficiency purposes. Properly automated switch between thrown/ammo.
  • TitanBag : Removed unnecessary event registrations. Improved efficiency. Updated the list of Ammo bags that can be ignored in the English localization file. Updated German localization of many ignored bags thanks to Littlemaxi.
  • TitanClock : Fixed an issue where the clock was not setting 30 min offsets properly if minutes in time were > 30. Code also uses proper self arguments now. Added ability to view Local/Server/Server Adjusted time on both the tooltip and button. Revamped the Clock right-click menu, added an optional colored label. Corrected the Clock's control frame anchor. Clock can now be properly switched with another plugin when acting as a left-sided plugin.
  • TitanCoords : Coordinates should now hide properly when not valid or (0,0) either on the button or map.
  • TitanGoldTracker : Fixed an issue with SmallMoneyFrame that now passes a "self" argument. Added an option in the menu, to delete toon info, for redundant/deleted toons.
  • TitanItemBonuses : Updated to display "Spell Power", "Armor Penetration Rating" and new metagem special bonuses. Fixed an issue where the plugin would not properly distinguish between melee and spell hit. It will now request the additional information from BonusScanner. Will now request proper localization strings from BonusScanner.
  • TitanPerformance : Removed OnUpdate, removed redundant code, implemented proper timer, slightly improved memory usage, added an option to display memory usage either in MB or KB/MB. More polishing pending.
  • TitanRepair : Added a new option to show/hide repair costs. Moreover, "Show most Damaged" will now replace the button label with the durability percentage (and optionally the cost) of the most damaged item. Added "Ignore Thrown", an option that removes the thrown item from the durability count.
  • TitanVolume : Dis-embedded the relevant code from the core. Volume Control now works as an individual plugin you can enable/disable at will. Fixed a bug where the control frame was not properly adjusting when placed/shown on the bottom bar(s).
  • TitanXP : Fixed an issue with the plugin uniquely requesting a global variable from the core code. Added an option to display level complete percentage/total rested XP remaining/XP to go. Cleaned up the code a little bit. Updated display when /played message is delayed. It should no longer throw an error.
  • Deprecated (Removed) Titan Stancesets/WeaponQuickSwap, Titan Rider from the package.
  • Deprecated (Removed) TitanTrans and TitanUIScale configuration buttons from the bar. Added Ace3 Dialog configuration for the aforementioned elements.
  • Updated the TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST.txt file to reflect current settings and options.

Changes within (2008-09-03)

  • Emergency Fix Release: Reverted back a change in TitanMovable that was missing a "sanity" check and was not detecting certain addon frames properly.

Changes within (2008-09-02)

  • Updated German, French, and Russian localization.
  • Fixed an issue with child buttons not always invoking their right-click menu properly.
  • Remove hardcoded check for TitanGoldTracker due to the above fix.
  • Minor fixes (globals to locals) and removal of redundant code in TitanMovable.
  • Fixed a tainting issue with TitanMovable attempting to move a frame, while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where "Set Colored Text" would not have any effect on LDB plugins that were using their own color codes in their value attribute.
  • Fixed a small issue with LDBToTitan module setting a nil value even after locating a valid "suffix" attribute.
  • Enhanced Titan Bags functionality with an optional detailed tooltip for a player's bags/containers.
  • Fixed an issue with TitanBags not properly detecting profession bags in a French locale environment.

Changes within (2008-08-23)

  • Added Mycah's Botanical Bag to all localizations.
  • Fixed an issue where simply opening the "Help Request" menu would fire an event, which in turn would trigger an involuntary movement of the temporary enchant frame, if you had "Disable Screen Adjust" turned ON.
  • Updated BonusScanner to v3.5 (final for TBC).
  • Removed some redundant code and slightly improved some functions (work in progress).
  • Added new libraries (LibDataBroker-1.1 and CallbackHandler-1.0) in order to support new functionality.
  • NEW: Module added: LDBToTitan that adds support for Data Broker plugins on the bar, with a more generic design.
  • Lowered the framestrata of the panel to DIALOG, to ensure proper script handling of Data Broker plugins.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Broker plugins that shared the same internal name with Titan plugins would cause a registration conflict/error.
  • Fixed an issue with Data Broker plugins invoking their OnClick method when being moved to replace another plugin on the panel.
  • Cleaned up the code slightly, added more comments.
  • Fixed a small issue with Broker plugins text label.
  • Disabled screen adjust for user placed frames (experimental).
  • Added simple configuration dropdown, in the Titan right-click menu, for Data Broker plugins. Note that not all DB plugins support "Show Colored Text".
  • Fixed tooltip scale and transparency for Data Broker plugins that use the GameTooltip. Again note that this may not apply to all plugins.
  • Fixed "Show tooltips" and "Hide tooltips in combat" for Data Broker plugins that support this (not all do).
  • Added a new selection in Titan "Options" to highlight DB plugins, when using the right-click menu, in order to display/hide/configure them.
  • Corrected an issue where plugins would not be sorted properly when invoking the right-click menu.
  • REMOVED: Titan Honor is being deprecated and removed from the Titan package until we (or someone else) gets a chance to review/rewrite it. We will not be supporting this plugin until that time.
  • Updated toc versions to
  • Updated localization to match the files in the WOTLK beta (Rider changes excluded). Added RU locale.
  • Updated TipHooker lib for BonusScanner.
  • Added new category in "Options" menu called "Data Broker" with ability to (optionally) display an orange suffix to the LDB plugins on the right click menu, plus a function to forcefully "convert" all launchers to right-side icons.
  • At any point, a "launcher" LDB plugin may be "attached" as a right-side icon (or revert back to a left-sided one).
  • Embedded AceLibrary and Tablet-2.0 in order to correct and issue with LDB plugins not hiding their tooltips if "Show Tooltip" was unchecked or "Hide Tooltips in Combat" was checked.
  • Fixed an issue with non-existent/disabled plugins throwing an error when using/copying settings from another character.
  • Added a check for color coded text in LDBToTitan module. Plugins that use color codes will not be affected (for now) when checking "Show Colored Text".
  • Added a check to compensate for a malformed launcher spec in some LDB plugins.
  • Added menu versions for LDB plugins that support this.
  • Fixed an issue with LDB plugins using Tablet not setting their tooltip size and transparency according to the Panel's setting.
  • Fixed an issue with TitanCoords not replicating their format setting on the World Map coordinates.

Changes within (2008-07-17)

  • Improved logic to emergency update that resolved the empty GM ticket bug. Thanks to SamL @ Blizzard!
  • TitanRider: Added "Dismount delay" option to right-click menu. Turning this on will delay the removal of your riding item once you dismount. This resolves the new "Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress" update within the 2.4.3 patch by Blizzard. This modification also checks to make sure you are out of combat before switching your items. Modified all localizations for change.

Changes within (2008-07-15)

  • Fixed the empty GM ticket bug. Thanks to jfperusse (on Google code) and Solos2 (on WowInterface) for the help.

Changes within (2008-06-20)

  • Fixed typo in global variable "TITAN_PANEL_ICON_SPACEING" which was specific to TitanPanel.lua.
  • Replaced "/tp" slash command with "/titan" in order to avoid conflict with a different addon. "/titanpanel" still works.
  • Modified all localizations and TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST file to reflect "/tp" change.
  • Updated LibRock and LibRockTimer libraries to current versions.
  • BonusScanner: Fixed a bug with socket bonuses improperly detecting damage and healing values.
  • TitanClock: Made 12/24 hour clock option persistent across realms.
  • TitanRider: Updated "Mithril Spurs" to "+4%% Mount Speed" within English and French localization.
  • TitanRider: Updated "Minor Mount Speed Increase" to "+2%% Mount Speed" within English and French localizations.
  • TitanRider: Modified logic for finding equipable items to increase efficiency and performance.
  • TitanRider: Changed "On Mount" to "Mounted", "On Foot" to "Running" and "On Taxi" to "Taxied" for future development.
  • TitanTrans: Modified entries on sliders frame to provide additional space for descriptive text for localizations.
  • TitanUIScale: Modified entries on sliders frame to provide additional space for descriptive text for localizations.
  • TitanUtils: Created TitanUtils_FindInventoryItemWithTextAndSlot function to pass additional parameter for TitanRider check.

Changes within (2008-05-16)

  • Added logic to deal with modified menuText for old mods such as TitanMoney when people fail to remove them as instructed.

  • Updated Titan Panel load attribution to lower spam.

  • Changed text colors on load attribution.

  • Modified default Titan Panel mode to have only a single top bar with five basic active plugins.

  • TitanHonor: Fixed misspelled global variable and associated localization files.

  • TitanHonor: Updated French localization. (Thanks oXidFoX!)

  • TitanRider: Fixed when not showing player was 'On Taxi'.

  • TitanRider: Added OnClick script link to xml.

  • TitanRider: Added 'Mount Speed' option which is the new text for 'Mithril Spurs'.

  • TitanRider: Fixed typo in function name that was affecting TitanPanelRiderButton_OnClick.

  • TitanUtils: Modified to allow for missing plugins during the whichbar check after a /tp reset.

Changes within (2008-03-25)

  • Updated TOC version for 20400 game patch.

  • Corrected problem with TitanRider.

Changes within (2008-03-12)

  • Implemented a fix for an obscure equipment issue with Titan Rider, after the player dismounts.

Changes within (2008-03-11)

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Re-embedded Rock Libraries

  • Fixed a bug where a plugin would stay on the mouse cursor in combat, if it was being moved before the player entered combat.

  • Added different sliders to Transparency control, to explicitly adjust the main and auxiliary bar transparency.

  • Fixed an issue with plugins containing child buttons and movement (work in progress).

  • Titan's dropdown menu will now scale appropriately to match your UI Scale.

  • Removed chat message when entering world as it was deemed a bit intrusive and needless.

  • Added an option to disable Titan's tooltip font scale.

  • BonusScanner will now ignore invalid itemlinks. Slightly increased minimum scan interval.

  • Updated German localization.

  • Titan Repair : Added an option to auto-repair all items when a vendor that is able to do so, is opened.

  • Titan Ammo : Improved efficiency to avoid disconnection issues (hopefully).

  • Titan Coords : Added an option to change the coordinate formating.

  • Titan Rider : You may now choose the items you want equipped from a predefined list. Rider will no longer attempt to equip riding gear, except "Charm of Swift Flight" on a flight form, shapeshifted druid.

  • Titan Honor : Fixed an issue that would reset the honor mark count, when the bank frame automatically closed.

  • Titan GoldTracker : Removed a duplicate method.

  • Titan Performance: Added support for CPU profiling. The addon slider frame will now properly disappear when the dropdown menu is closed and the mouse pointer isn't on top of the frame.

  • Titan Clock: Time offsets will now be stored per Server (realm) instead of per character and can be modified/stored by any character on the same realm. Note that when loading settings from a character belonging to a different realm, his offsets will also be transfered, so you may need to re-adjust them.

Changes within (2008-02-17)

  • Corrected some of the German Localization.DE.lua

  • Added an important feature to explicitly disable the minimap adjustment.

  • Updated TitanPanelChangeLog and TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST.

  • Fixed an issue with the bottom bar not scaling properly.

  • Titan Coords : Fixed an issue that would cause the plugin not to display coordinates properly when the Worldmap closed.

  • Titan GoldTracker : Minor fixes.

Changes within (2008-02-16)

  • Major Release 3.2. This is essentially a performance fix release.

  • Renamed "UI Panel/Scale" to "Panel Control".

  • Added mouse wheel support on all sliders.

  • Added a new slider to control the scale of the tooltips.

  • Added a new slider to adjust tooltip transparency.

  • Added a slash command handler for Titan Panel. Usage is : /titanpanel or /tp. Added slash commands for debugging/issue fixing purposes.

  • Added a safeguard to ensure efficiency when a button/plugin is removed from the panel.

  • Implemented a safeguard to properly adjust the bottom bars, taking into consideration the Main menu bar scale.

  • BonusScanner will now properly warn you when trying to manually scan an item that hasn't been validated on the server. Moreover, BonusScanner will now provide some extra bonuses to TitanItemBonuses, derived from secondary meta-gem effects.

  • Implemented a better (optional) hook for the casting bar frame.

  • Titan GoldTracker: Commented out a bit of code that could potentially cause some issues with the placement of the coin pickup frame on new characters.

  • Titan Coords: Fixed an issue with incorrect coloring of the button, depending on zone contested state.

  • Titan StanceSets : Replaced dynamic update timer with an OnEvent check to ensure efficiency. Added an optional dependency to ensure proper functionality with Enchantrix (experimental).

  • Titan Honor: Added the ability to view/count Eye of the Storm, marks of honor. Added a check for diminishing returns.

  • Titan Clock, Coords, GoldTracker, Honor, Performance, Rider, StanceSets have been reworked to handle their own timed updates and should function properly.

  • Removed TitanPanelButton_OnUpdate as it was hogging the code, needlessly. Titan Panel will no longer update button and tooltip information per frame, per plugin, but will provide a function that plugins can call on demand, in order to update their data, when it's needed. Moreover, plugins will need to be responsible for firing their own timed events (where applicable), either via the use of a seperate library framework, Titan's LibRockTimer hook or an OnUpdate method at worst. More information on this will be given on a separate discussion page.

  • Moved internal plugins outside the main Titan folder, in their respective folders.

  • Fixed a minor typo in TitanBag.

  • Added comments and updated formatting within TitanAmmo, TitanBag, TitanClock, TitanCoord, TitanGoldTracker, TitanHonor, TitanItemBonuses, TitanLootType, TitanPerformance, TitanRegen, TitanRider, TitanStanceSets & TitanXP.

  • Fixed an issue with button dragging that was causing the OnClick method to fire on mouse up.

  • Removed TitanPanelBarButtonHider_OnUpdate and TitanPanelBarButton_OnUpdate functions are they are now redundant.

  • Disembedded LibRock-1.0 and LibRockTimer-1.0, as a result the internal "libs" folder is no longer required, the libraries will be provided as standalone from now on.

  • Titan Repair : Fixed a bug that would force the plug in to take into consideration the lowest durability item in your inventory instead of the total item durability. Implemented a safeguard to ensure that the most damaged item will never return nil.

  • Buttons can now be naturally dragged (experimental).

Changes within (2008-01-25)

  • Added Titan Panel Change Log and Titan Panel Setup files.

  • Corrected the "\" errors within the French localization file for TitanBags and TitanRider.

Changes within (2008-01-12)

  • Changed default for AutoLogAdjust to off.

  • Titan Repair : Fixed a bug that would force the plug in to take into consideration the lowest durability item in your inventory instead of the total item durability.

Changes within (2008-01-11)

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Titan Panel menu to appear at the bottom of the screen, in obscure places, when none of the bottom bars were being utilized.

  • Reworked the right-click menu to disallow certain functions while in combat (to avoid issues with misplaced/non-adjusted frames and the possibility of tainting).

  • Changed code to automaticcally lock the buttons (unable to be moved via leftmousedown, leftmouseup) while in combat for the same reason.

  • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to import settings from another character, when some of the plugins imported were disabled on the current character.

  • Implemented fix for reputation watch frame causing bags and bars to slightly overlap on non-level capped characters. Note however, that enabling the reputation watch frame in this case, while using the bottom bar(s) may still cause issues with your right actionbars. It is generally recommended (for now) to refrain from using it, in conjunction with the bottom bars.

  • Fixed an issue where the bags would shift down, when opening the World Map frame, mostly when using bottom bars.

  • Fixed an obscure issue with the main bar x axis.

  • TitanPerformance: 1) Fixed an issue that would cause the plugin to return an error when the number of active addons was less than the ones being monitored. Moreover, load on demand addons shouldn't cause the same error now, under similar circumstances. 2) Now uses an internal timer to calculate the session time.

  • Added a new slider to adjust button spacing on the bars. You may access it via the UI/Panel/Button Scale icon. For the moment this setting will affect buttons on all bars (it may be broken down to individual bars in an upcoming release).

  • Added an option to lock buttons on the bar. This will prevent movement by "dragging" a button onto another to force position switching.

  • Titan Panel now uses LibRockTimer-1.0 for timed events (included in the package). This is preparation for further performance fixes.

  • Holding the left mouse button over a plug in and releasing it over another will cause them to switch places on the bar (or even on different bars).

  • TitanXP: Reworked to support the latest batch of changes, will now use its own timers for calculations. Added an option to manually refresh session timers for total time played and total time played this level.

  • TitanHonor: "Auto-join" Battleground and "Auto-Release" default values have been set to "disabled".

  • TitanRepair: 1) Added an option to display discounted repair costs on the main bar button plus the tooltip, next to item names. Repair will still "silently" update costs after a certain amount of time, when visiting (or exiting) a vendor capable of repairing. 2) The "Repair All" button on vendors will now correctly disable, if you use the popup to repair all damaged items.

  • Reworked the options menu for the main panel; settings have been properly categorized (Panel, Bars, Tooltips, Frames).

  • Added the ability to hide button tooltips while in combat.

  • Removed unnecessary session timers from main panel.

  • Experimental bag placement fix when the bottom bar is active (please report what effect this has to your bags and frames, especially when changing zones).

  • Updated Spanish localization.

  • Added two more skins and changed the custom graphic files to blp, in order to save space.

Changes within (2008-01-05)

  • Fixed an issue with the button template that would duplicate garbage collection on all buttons, on left-click.

  • Updated German localization.

Changes within (2008-01-05)

  • TitanRepair: 1) Removed "Repair Inventory too" option as this is done anyway. 2) Fixed a bug that would cause the repair popup to display an incorrect repair value when damaged items existed only inside your bags. 3) Ensured proper price updating when opening and closing a merchant window.

  • Fixed an issue where one of the bags would overlap with your first/default bag.

Changes within (2008-01-05)

  • TitanPerformance : Fixed a bug with the tooltip when "Show Memory" was turned off, while "Show Addon Memory Usage" was turned on.

  • TitanRepair : Significantly reworked the plug in. Item names will now appear colored according to rarity, repair costs will be colored appropriately to reflect the amount of gold you are spending, total repair cost will appear next to the button label, tooltip will also display discount for Honored reputation.

  • TitanAmmo : Reduced the number of updates while in combat to 1 second (instead of updating every 0.1 seconds), in order to reduce workload.

  • Replaced TitanMoney with TitanGoldTracker. For a proper transition, users will need to manually delete the following folders and all of their contents: 1) ..\Interface\Addons\TitanMoney; 2) ..\Interface\Addons\Titan\TitanMoney OR Disable TitanMoney from the addons screen, before logging into the game. Resetting the panel to defaults is not required but it is highly recommended. Also note that deciding to run TitanMoney and TitanGoldTracker at the same time will cause issues with the later, when trying to pick up money from its button. The plugins were never designed to co-exist in this manner. Either delete TitanMoney or disable it if you want Gold Tracker to function as intended.

  • Added "Automatic Log Adjustment" option to the main Titan Menu (default=disabled). By enabling this option the height of your chat and combat logs will always be automatically adjusted (no more overlapping frames on the log when enabling bottom bar(s)). Note: Since the auto adjustment will persist on zoning in/out/reloading UI, it is recommended that you only use/enable this option if you don't want a fixed chat/combat log vertical placement (or only when you intend to show the bottom bars - assuming that you will adjust your logs manually after that and disable the option).

  • Added support for custom skins and a selection of 16 pre-packaged skins to choose from.

  • Fixed an error plaguing users for ages, where sometimes clicking on a plug in from the main right-click plugins menu, while having the cursor over an existing button (either very top or very bottom of the screen) would cause the plug in not to appear on the Titan Bar, but appear instead on the opposite bar with a misplaced right-click menu.

Changes within (2008-01-04)

  • TitanPerformance: Resized the slider frame closer to the Right-click menu. Resized slider bar slightly to properly compensate for German localization strings.

  • TitanAmmo: Yet again another fix for late updates. Titan Ammo should now properly update Thrown weapons durability, even in combat.

  • TitanCoords: Fixed World Map coordinate placement. It shouldn't overlap with CT_Mod buttons anymore.

  • Semi-fix for some inventory bags not scaling properly when using the bottom bar. Bags may still overlap each other if closed in an obscure order.

  • TitanRepair: TitanRepair will now properly display item names instead of slots, assuming the damaged items are equipped. If for some reason Repair is unable to properly get the item name, it will display the slot or "Inventory", accordingly. Moreover, TitanRepair will now immediately update durability info, after repairing at a vendor using the repair popup.

  • Added support for Titan Gold Tracker addon (fixed improper Right-click menu placement when the plugin resides on the bottom bar).

  • Fixed German Localization for changes in previous revisions.

  • TitanVolume: Fixed a bug with a global variable when adjusting Speaker Volume.

  • Modified Localization.lua so that the reset option is now displayed properly (EN-US at the moment).

  • Fixed Right-Click menu for the second bar (Double-Bar) both on top and bottom (requires testing).

Changes within (2008-01-01)

  • Modified TOC files to display the version of each individual plugin, on the Addons window. Plugins are also highlighted with a light-brown color.

  • Modified Titan.toc to properly display version info, on the Addons window.

  • Added internal version information (can be viewed on Titan's right-click menu), in TitanRider and TitanStanceSets.

  • TitanAmmo: Added more registered events to trigger durability updates for thrown weapons, more quickly and efficiently.

  • Deleted extra files (not needed - LootType exists in its own folder).

  • TitanLootType: Added Random roll functionality on left-click. Ability to switch between Random 100 and Random 1000 via right-click menu, added.

  • TitanPerformance reworked to support addon memory usage/rate summary. Added hint and ability to configure number of monitored addons (1-40) via right-click menu (slider will appear on top right/bottom right depending on which bar the plugin resides).

  • Localization changes to support TitanPerformance and TitanLootType changes.

Changes within (2007-12-29)

  • Titan Panel adopted by the Titan Development Team. Project created on Google Code.

  • Updated all TOC files to reflect the correct game version.

  • Commited TitanAmmo fix.

  • Minor fix for TitanItemBonuses to support future versions of BonusScanner.

  • Modified TitanRepair to properly check for durability updates.

  • Commited TitanStanceSets fix (securehook functions) to avoid errors with weapon enchants/oils.

  • Commited TitanVolume2 fix (support for SFX, Music, Ambience, Microphone and Speaker).

  • Commited TitanBags fix.

  • Added 'Charm of Swift Flight' to TitanRider items (for EN-US localization only at the moment).

  • Updated Titan Panel version and lastUpdated strings.

  • Added a semi-updated version of TitanHonor to internal plugins.

  • Added WeaponQuickSwap plugin (dependency of StanceSets).

  • Commited TitanPerformance fix to properly display the right-click menu (left-click still forces a garbage collection).

Changes within (2007-10-10)

Changes within (2007-09-25)

Changes within (2007-06-13)

Changes within (2007-01-11)

  • Fixed Chat window not moving in simple chat mode when Titan was turned on

  • Fixed Combat log not moving in simple chat mode when Titan was turned on

  • Fixed bags not moving when titan was turned on

  • Added fix for dropdown menu issue

  • Fixed issue with profession bags not being ignored

  • Fixed bugs in itembonuses preventing submenus showing up

Changes within

  • Fixed TOC version

Changes within

  • Added new BonusScanner to fix incorrect values being displayed

  • Made minor changes to increase performance and memory usage

Changes within (2006-12-07)

  • Fixed TitanRider issue with not detecting Enchanted items

  • Fixed Issue with Spanish Locals not being picked up

  • Fixed issue with Location co-ordinate colors being messed up

Changes within

  • Titan will Queue any screen changes in combat for when you leave combat

  • Massive performance enhancement to Titan Screen draw - this is a big fix

  • Updated all headers

  • Replaced deleted file that was causing Itembonuses issue

  • Fixed issue with loading settings

  • Fixed errormessage with Itembonuses

  • Fixed TitanRider to use new API method to detect mount

  • Updated for WoW Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed typo's in Menus

  • Fixed issues with Profession bags (English only)

  • Cleaned up some coding

  • Fixed various small issues