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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we will answer a few of the more common questions that people ask about Titan Panel.

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What is an AddOn?

An AddOn is a program that expands the functionality of the BlizzardUI for the World of Warcraft game. A few examples of an AddOn are Titan Panel, Gatherer, Auctioneer and Atlas. These are also known as 'standalones' as they do not need any other AddOn to function.

What is a PlugIn?

A PlugIn is a module for an AddOn that expands its functionality. Titan Panel is made up of many PlugIns that expand the information it displays within a Titan Bar. Examples of a PlugIn are TitanPanel[Defense], TitanPanel[XP], TitanPanel[Coords] and TitanPanel[Clock]. PlugIns for Titan Panel will not work without Titan Panel being installed.

Do any addons conflict with Titan Panel?

Here is the list that we know of so far:

  • MoveIt : Can cause the Titan bars to not disappear when the World Map is displayed.

I'm upgrading from Titan Panel 3.1 to the current version. Do I need to do anything special?

You need to delete the World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Titan and World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\TitanMoney directories before you install the new version of Titan Panel.

Before upgrading to the latest version, I used TitanHonor and/or TitanGoldTracker with Titan Panel 3.1, do I need to do anything special?

You need to delete the World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\TitanMoney\TitanGoldTracker directory and the following two files: World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\\SavedVariables\TitanGoldTracker.lua World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<username>\SavedVariables\TitanHonor.lua.

The chat text is covering my pet/aura/stance bar. How do I fix this?

On a Titan bar, <RightClick> to bring up the menu and make sure the following option is turned off (Options>Frames>AutoLogAdjust). After Titan moves it, unlock the chat frame and move it to it's proper location and relock it. This should anchor it in the proper location with no further shifts.

What does the error "attempt to concatenate field 'menuText' (a nil value)" mean?

You failed to read the special installation instructions which states that the TitanMoney plugin is no longer supported and has been replaced by TitanGoldTracker. Please remove the TitanMoney directory from the World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns directory and restart WoW.

I'm seeing an error with TitanHonor.lua where it says "attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)" and/or "bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)", how do I fix this?

Please type "/tp reset" and see if the problem disappears. If it doesn't, please delete every Titan related file within the World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<username>\SavedVariables\ directory and restart WoW.

Some of my plugins are overlapping each other, don't appear when they are turned on within the menu or are otherwise not visible. How do I resolve this?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Titan Panel. This problem began with the 2.4 WoW patch so Titan Panel was released to resolve this. If it continues to happen after installing the new version, your Titan.lua file is corrupted. Please type "/tp reset" and see if the problem disappears. If it doesn't, please delete every Titan related file within the World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<username>\SavedVariables\ directory and restart WoW.

On the AddOn List screen, all the Titan Panel plugins are listed but they all state "Dependency missing" and when I put my cursor over one, it says "Dependencies:, Titan". How do I fix this?

You have the Titan folder in the wrong location. Several people reported this initially after the WoW 2.4 patch was released and it was always shown to be caused by the "Titan" folder being in the wrong location. You need to make sure that the Titan folder that holds "Titan.toc" is located at the following location:

            World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Titan\Titan.toc

If that file is within that location under your WoW installation, you should see it under the AddOn List screen. For some strange reason, some people have reported that the file is appearing under World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Titan\Titan\Titan.toc which is not the normal .zip distribution location so we suspect some download site clients are causing this issue.

What is LibDataBroker?

LibDataBroker (LDB) is a small WoW addon library designed to provide an MVC interface for use in various addons. LDB's primary goal is to 'detach' plugins for TitanPanel and FuBar from the display addon. Plugins can provide data into a simple table, and display addons can receive callbacks to refresh their display of this data. LDB also provides a place for addons to register 'quicklaunch' functions, removing the need for authors to embed many large libraries to create minimap buttons. Users who do not wish to be 'plagued' by these buttons simply do not install an addon to render them. Due to it's simple generic design, LDB can be used for any design where you wish to have an addon notified of changes to a table. You may find more information on the library and its design at http://github.com/tekkub/libdatabroker-1-1/tree/master.

That sounds nice but it's a bit too technical. What does it really mean for simple users?

It means that Titan Panel will now support this new addon spec in addition to its old, native plugin spec. That means that any addons designed to use LDB can now be displayed on the Titan bar(s) and should function as intended by their author(s).

Does this mean that I can now finally use FuBar plugins on Titan Panel?

Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, it's not easy to answer this question without going a bit more technical. FuBar plugins do not fundamentally support the LDB spec. They support the FuBarPlugin library that either renders them as buttons on the bar if FuBar is present, or as minimap buttons, assuming a specific plugin isn't load on demand. However an addon called "FuBar2Broker" has been recently released by Funkydude over at WoWAce.com (you can currently get it via WAU) that enables the "conversion" of FuBar plugins into LDB data objects. It's far from perfect and some FuBar plugins may not behave properly but for the most part, it is a working solution. Having FuBar2Broker enabled and any Fu plugin will theoretically allow you to display the said plugin on Titan, assuming that the plugin in question doesn't have a "hard" dependency on FuBar and isn't load on demand (though this can easily be changed by editing its .toc file).

Where can I find LDB addons/plugins?

LDB plugins are starting to get their own separate category on several release sites (for instance WoWInterface provides a full list here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/index.php?cid=108). Updaters like WAU are also another source to obtain LDB compatible plugins.

What if I want to use another display addon to render LDB plugins? Will Titan "co-exist" with it?

Titan creates its own plugin buttons out of LDB data objects and shouldn't really interfere with any other LDB display. It has been tested with all the currently available LDB display addons (Fortress, StatBlockCore, ButtonBin, Barrel and a few others) and can "co-exist" fine with them. Still, it's generally recommended to avoid unnecessary clutter and stick with a specific display.

When I attempt to adjust the tooltip font scale/transparency for the Panel, some tooltips for certain LDB plugins will remain unchanged. How do I fix this?

We are aware of this issue and sadly there is little that can be done about it. LDB plugins are, by design, "free" to use and manipulate their own tooltip frames/functions, if they so choose to. As a result, there are specific cases where it is not possible for Titan to control the properties of a tooltip (it might even be "dangerous" to attempt to do so).

Sometimes when I choose "Show Colored Text" for an LDB plugins, nothing happens. How do I fix this?

That is probably because the plugin in question is using its own color code scheme. At the moment, if Titan detects such a pattern, it will not interfere with the plugin's "native" color preferences.

Is there any way I can customize LDB plugin fonts/opacity or even specify a different "Colored Text"?

Not at the moment, but we are looking at ways of implementing such options in the hopefully not so distant future. We are constantly tweaking our SVN release and as soon as we feel comfortable with a set of changes we are releasing them to the public.

I received an 'Action Blocked' error while attempting to set a focus frame. How do I fix this?

We are well aware of the current issues with Blizzard's default focus frame. This bug is actually pretty old, since it first appeared in the WotLK beta (build 8885). You can find proof of this here (if you don't mind the technical details). We have reported this to the proper 'authorities' and it has been acknowledged as clearly shown on this thread over at the US UI and Macros forum. Bottom line : There is no way for us to currently 'fix' this issue without removing the functionality of Titan's dropdown menus, which is something that (for the moment) we don't intend to do. A work-around until Blizzard fixes this is to use the "/focus" command.

Where is TitanMoney?

TitanMoney was removed from the package in favor of TitanGoldTracker with the Revision 101 release.

Where is TitanHonor?

TitanHonor was removed from the package with the release. The community can utilize alternatives or adopt the old TitanHonor package as an independent plugin.

Where is TitanRider?

TitanRider was removed from the package with the release. JoeJanko of the Titan Development Team has adopted it. Please see our downloads page for links.

Where is TitanStanceSets?

TitanStanceSets was removed from the package with the release. The community can utilize alternatives or adopt the old TitanStanceSets package as an independent plugin.

My master volume keeps being set to 50%. How do I fix this?

In version 4.1.0 of Titan Panel, there was a modification made to the volume CVars to correct an increment problem. In doing so, the default for all values was set to 50%. To correct this, enter the TitanVolume plugin by clicking on the speaker symbol within the right-side of the bar. You will see all the sliders to change the volume. Correct the value to suit your needs. If you change the value within the Sound & Music interface option, the values will not be saved within Titan and will be reset when you log back in. You can also copy over a profile from another, already modified character, to adjust the values as this data is saved within the titan.lua file.